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Chameleon Folder Accesses Folders With A Middle Mouse Click

Windows: Windows Explorer’s “Favorites” and “Recent Places” menus leave a little bit to be desired for some users. Chameleon Folder puts your favourite and recent folders in a simple tree-based dropdown, so they’re never more than a click away.

FastPreview Adds Previews To Images In Windows Explorer

Windows only: FastPreview adds a big thumbnail to every image’s context menu in Windows Explorer, while also giving you quick access to a full-res preview as well as loads of data about the file.

MenuUninstaller Uninstalls Programs From Windows' Context Menu

Windows only: If you stumble upon unwanted Windows programs, you usually have to head all the way to the Control Panel to remove it. MenuUninstaller adds an “Uninstall” option to the Windows context menu so you can remove programs right from their shortcuts.

FfChrome Slims Down Firefox's Huge Context Menus

Firefox: Firefox’s context menu can get pretty long, especially if you install a lot of extensions. If your Firefox right-click menu is overrun with clutter, FfChrome will help clean it up.

Add Google Docs To The Windows "New" Document Context Menu

Windows: If you’re a heavy Google Docs user this hack will add Google document types as options right in your right-click context menu.

Set Desktop Wallpaper From Google Chrome

Chrome: Currently Windows-only, Set Image As Wallpaper is a simple extension for Google Chrome that adds in the set-as-wallpaper right-click context menu functionality present in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera to Chrome.

Edit The Windows 7 'Send To' Menu Without Third-Party Tools

Windows: If you just want to add and remove basic shortcuts to your “send to” right-click context menu, skip apps like Send To Toys and edit the menu by opening a simple system folder.

DropPub Sends Files To Dropbox, Copies Link To Clipboard

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Windows only: If you use Dropbox to share files with your friends, free app DropPub makes it even easier by adding an item to the context menu, from which you can make any file public and add its link to your clipboard.

TweetRight Shares Pics, Text, Links From The Chrome Context Menu

Chrome: If you find yourself frequently cutting and pasting links from your web browser to include in Twitter updates, TweetRight offers easy sharing of pictures, text and links right from the Chrome’s context menu.

Add Open File Location To The XP Context Menu

The Tweaking with Vishal web site writes up a quick but useful registry hack that adds an “Open File Location” item to the context menu, just like Windows 7 or Vista has already.

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