Takeaway Truth: McDonald's McFeast Burger

Takeaway Truth is an occasional Lifehacker feature where we compare marketing images against what you actually get served. Today: McDonald’s McFeast Burger.

Don't Take Tech Away From Your Tweens

Conventional wisdom suggests that when kids misbehave with something, you take it away from them as a form of punishment. That might just be the worst thing you can do in the modern technology age, however — but not for the reasons you might think.

Assign Two Colours To Gym Clothes To Keep Stinky Gear Separate

Workout clothes stink. Literally. It helps to know how to clean them properly, but it’s also a good idea to assign one or two colours from your wardrobe exclusively for gym wear and nothing else. You’ll always know which clothes to keep separate.

This Flowchart Helps Cleans Your Wardrobe With Quick Decisions

Wardrobes can quickly become cluttered with clothes. But what do you keep and what do you throw out? Owltastic Adventures designed a neat infographic that you can print and hang up to make quick decisions about what to keep, trash and donate.

Use An Empty Wine Bottle As A Rolling Pin

If you’re like me and rarely take the time to bake anything, a rolling pin is probably not something you have in your kitchen. In the event the baking bug bites, you can use an empty glass bottle in a pinch to roll out your dough.

Dealhacker: 7-Eleven Is Selling Super Slurpees For $1 All Week

You can currently get super-sized Slurpees from 7-Eleven for just $1. The deal is available until 4 August, which means you have six more days to sate your Slurpee fetish. Rug up and get on it!

Everything That Does And Doesn't Work With The New Raspberry Pi

A new model of the Raspberry Pi was released this month that comes packed with more ports and uses less power. While the price has remained the same, a few things have changed that make external hardware work differently. Ladyada has a breakdown of everything that matters.

Add A Bed To The Back Of Your Bookcase

If you’re pushed for space, having a fold-out bed makes a lot of sense. Having a fold-out bed that’s also a pair of bookshelves is an even better idea.

This DIY Wine Glass Rack Saves Space, Is Easy To Build

If you’re looking for a place to keep your wine glasses that doesn’t take up space in your cabinets, this DIY wine glass rack is worth checking out. Made from scrap wood, it holds your wine glasses and looks good. Here’s how to build one yourself.

The Best Way To Freeze Meals For Cooking Later In The Oven Or Crockpot

Freezer cooking allows you to prep lot of meals for easier cooking later in the week. Even if you already know how to store foods in the fridge or freezer, freezer meals may require special handling.