Be A Better Host With This Quick Checklist

Having people over can be a wonderful, festive, occasion if you prepare for it properly. These quick checklists are useful reminders for what to clean, buy and write if you have friends and family coming over.

Hands On: Worx Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

Why mow your own lawn when you could get a robot slave to do it for you? That’s the intriguing premise behind the Worx Landroid; an unmanned mowing vehicle that is smart enough to trim your lawn and return to its charging base unattended. We recently put the device through its paces and were pretty impressed with the results.

Freeze Your Tights To Make Them More Durable

Tights can be very delicate and easy to ruin with a single snag. If you dampen them with water, then freeze before wearing them for the first time, they will last longer.

Make Deep-Fried Spring Rolls With Sandwich Bread

Sometimes, you have to make do with what’s in your pantry, especially if you’re making something with unusual ingredients. This video from Food+Wine shows you how to use sandwich bread to make spring roll wrappers.

No More Damp Sheets: De-Clump Your Dryer Halfway Through Its Cycle

Unloading your laundry and finding damp sheets can be extremely annoying. Ensure your sheets come out dry by stopping your dryer in the middle of a cycle and mixing up the items inside so they’re not clumped together.

Attach Christmas Lights To Brick Walls With Hot Glue

Brick walls and archways can be difficult to attach a string of Christmas lights to, but with the help of hot glue, your lights will go wherever you want them.

Ask LH: Do All Foods Have To Be Marked With An Expiry Date?

Hi Lifehacker, On a recent visit to Woolworths I noticed a tin of tuna I picked up did not have an expiry date. Isn’t it mandatory to display the expiry date on food items in Australia?

Why It Pays To Request A 'Large' Chicken Piece At KFC [Updated]

If you don’t visit KFC regularly, you’d be forgiven for thinking that its chicken breasts are roughly uniform in size. However, it turns out there’s a surprising amount of variation in the minimum and maximum sizes permitted — and we’ve got the chart to prove it.

The Fastest Way To Shine Your Shoes

Shining a pair of dress shoes isn’t difficult, but you do have to have the right tools and know what you’re doing if you want to end up with a good-looking shine. This quick video from I Am Alpha M shows you how to get a great shine in five minutes flat, no matter what kind of shoes you wear.

Make A 'Swedish Torch' Campfire With A Single Log

For a self-contained outdoor fire with built-in cooking posts, the Swedish torch can’t be beat. All you need is one log and a chainsaw.