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The Surprising Things You Can Safely Wash In Your Dishwasher

Just because that fancy washing box in your kitchen is called a dishwasher doesn’t mean that’s the only thing it can wash. You can also clean things like gardening tools and plastic toys with it.

DIY Chore Bingo Makes Chores Fun For Kids (And Adults Too)

No one likes chores, whether it’s your kids or your roommates. How do you motivate them? 3M, makers of the Post-It Note, suggest making a “Chore Bingo” to earn rewards for completing those chores.

When Fancy, Expensive Salts Are Worth Using

At their chemical core, all salt is the same, but many of the fancy, special salts you can find differ in texture, flavour and price. Here’s how to know when you should bust out the fancy Himalayan salt, or stick with table or kosher salt.

This DIY Elastic Tool Holder Keeps Everything You Need Close At Hand

You don’t need a lot of gear to build this elastic tool holder. A piece of scrap wood, some elastic stretch cord and some heavy string. That’s about it. It’s simple, effective, and works great with a pegboard system for organisation and accessibility.

Thinking Cap: Podcasts, Articles And Clips To Make You Smarter

What the insults we throw say about us, the amazing and unusual history of bananas and banana flavouring and some ramen-eating tips from a master, all in this week’s Thinking Cap!

Make The Perfect Breakfast Egg Sandwich Using Just A Microwave

Most of us don’t have a lot of time in the morning to cook a luxurious breakfast, but this technique from Epicurious delivers one of the most delicious-looking egg sandwiches I’ve seen in minutes, and all you need is an egg, a microwave and some sandwich fixings (you know: bread, cheese and a few condiments).

Master Walking In Heels With These Three Tips

You can do a lot of things to make heels easier to wear, like buying more supportive shoes or adding extra padding. How you wear heels makes a difference, too. Here are three tips to make walking in heels easier, and easier on your feet.

This Web Index Tells You If A Plant Is Safe For Pets Before You Buy It

You may already know common plants, like oleander or holly, that are harmful to dogs and cats, but if you’re thinking of buying a plant and aren’t sure if it is safe for your pet, the ASPCA’s searchable index can help.

Make The Best Crust For The Type Of Pie You're Making

Soggy pie crust is the scourge of the pie-making world, but it can be easily prevented with a little bit of pre-filling baking. Exactly how long you pre-bake your crust depends on the filling you will be using, and Bon Appetit has some tips to help you determine how golden you should get it.

Sumo Power Launches 'All You Can Eat' Energy Contracts

As we move into colder weather and the heaters come on, more households are at risk of ‘bill shock’ from their electricity bills. To counter this, Melbourne-based power company Sumo Power has introduced an ‘unlimited’ energy contract, or so to speak, providing as much energy as your household needs for one fixed price.

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