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Would You Pay $100 For Five Of The Best Potato Chips On Earth?

If you’re going to shell out $100 for potato chips, each crisp should be more filling than Elvish lembas bread, or pack so much flavour it’d put Willy Wonka’s entire catalogue to shame. I supposes the Swedish-based St Erik’s Brewery is aiming for the latter with this limited run, five-chip boxset.

This Chart Explains Every Use For Every Vacuum Cleaner Attachment You Own

I love my vacuum cleaner, but I have no idea what to do with some of those attachments. (I call the long tube extension “the spider catcher.”) Luckily, Real Simple has this graphic of pretty much every vacuum attachment that exists, from basic to super specific.

Upgrade Your Rice By Putting A Whole Tomato In Your Rice Cooker

Rice cookers can make more than just rice, but they make rice really well. To up the flavour factor and make a super tasty, super easy dish using only your rice cooker, you just need to grab a tomato.

The Proper Way To Finish Surfacing Wood Furniture

One of the appealing things about crafting a piece of furniture from wood is that it already has a pleasant colour and texture. You might not want to hide it under a coat of paint, and a good stain can really bring out the natural texture. Here’s how to do it right.

Break Out Of Your Red Lipstick Rut With These Simple, Easy Looks

Swiping on a red lip is the easiest way to spruce up your face and feel a bit fancy, but wearing the same colour over and over again can get a bit boring. Luckily, Marie Claire has five great tips for spicing up your red lip quickly and easily.

Coles' New Liquor Store Is Basically Aldi For Booze Hounds

Coles is looking to bring bargain-basement hooch to the masses via the launch of a new budget liquor store chain. The appropriately named Liquor Market will sell a modest range of alcohol with an emphasis on low prices: just like the supermarket chain Aldi. Here’s what you need to know.

Unusual Pasta Shapes And How To Use Them [Infographic]

Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little spaghetti, but the wide world of pasta has so many varieties to offer, and they are begging to be eaten. If you want to explore some of the more interesting shapes, but aren’t sure where to start, Real Simple has just the graphic for you.

Pi Power Simplifies Managing Power On Mobile Raspberry Pi Projects

If you’re building any type of mobile Raspberry Pi project, you know that power management can be a bit of a chore. Pi Power is a GitHub project that simplifies the whole process by adding a set of instructions to control battery power with a variety of button presses.

Will It Sous Vide? Totally Tasty Beef Tongue

Hello, my beautiful babies, and welcome back to another delicious instalment of Will it Sous Vide? the weekly column where I make whatever you want me to with my immersion circulator.

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