Find Your Shoes By Putting Pictures On Storage Boxes

Keeping shoes in boxes protects them and helps organise your wardrobe. There’s one problem, though: you can’t always see what’s inside. Take a picture of the shoes and put them on the box so you know where everything is.

Make A Week's Worth Of Meals The Fun Way With A Freezer Meal Party

Planning your or your family’s meals ahead of time is a great way to beat stress and save some cash. If you’re not up for doing all that cooking alone, you can host a freezer meal party and cook with your friends.

Make Your Bed Each Morning To Kickstart Better Habits

Making your bed is one of those habits that feels pointless. You’ll mess it up every night, and no one will ever see it made, right? Well, except you. And the satisfaction it gives you may be what’s really worth it.

Taste Test: Can McDonald’s New Breakfast BLT Beat The Original Bacon & Egg McMuffin?

The Golden Arches recently expanded its morning menu with a selection of “Value Range” items for breakfasting cheapskates. The hero product of the new range is the $2 BLT McMuffin which consists of bacon, lettuce tomato and mayo in a bread muffin. We decided to give one a try to see how it compares to a Bacon & Egg McMuffin (aka the breakfast of champions). Read on to see how it fares.

How To Use Basic Design Principles To Decorate Your Home

Some people are born with a great eye for decorating or design. Others learn the skill and are able to apply it successfully. And then there are the rest of us. If you don’t have much of a knack for design, a few basic techniques can go a long way.

Cook Perfect Grilled Pizza With A Pie Tin

There are lots of way to get your grilled pizza cooked to scrumptious perfection — like using tortillas for the crust. Make sure the entire pizza cooks evenly from crust to toppings with the help of a pie tin.

Build A Step Stool For Your Kids That Doubles As Storage

Every household needs a step stool, and one that doubles as storage is even better. You can build this step stool in an afternoon using basic tools and pine boards from your local hardware store.

Ask LH: Do I Need Council Approval To Build My Kids A Cubby House?

I read recently about a guy who got a letter from the council saying that he needed to apply for planning approval of a cubby house that he had built in his backyard over 12 months prior. Apparently it’s the same deal as with a shed, requiring council approval. Why is that the case? Why does anyone building anything on their own property need to ask the council for permission?

Add Extra Flavour To Any Broth With Dried Shiitake Mushrooms

You can make a delicious broth with just about anything — from leftover cheese rinds to vegetable scraps. If you want to take your broth flavour to the next level, use dried shiitake mushrooms for an undercurrent of savoury flavour.

Keep Mirrors From Fogging Up With Car Wax

Steamy showers make for foggy mirrors. But if you want to walk out of the shower to a clear reflection, a little car wax can help.