Join A Walking Group For Physical And Social Exercise

You probably spend too much of your day sitting. Join a walking group to get more physical exercise into your routine. Walking groups also present you with the opportunity to meet new people.

How Too Much Fat And Sugar Can Wreck Your Brain

Do you eat only when you’re actually hungry? Many of us eat even when our bodies don’t need food. Just the thought of food entices us to eat. We think about food when we see other people eating, when we pass a favorite fast-food restaurant, when we see a scrumptious snack near the check-out at a convenience store. In addition, we’re the targets of sophisticated advertising techniques designed to keep thoughts of food and the pleasures of eating almost constantly in our minds.

Simple Tips For Men To Boost Your Bedroom Confidence (And Performance)

Topics like sexual confidence in the bedroom are often tricky to approach. This video from Aaron Marino tackles the issue in a straightforward and honest way that — while aimed at men and men’s sexual health — anyone can relate to.

When To Donate Blood So You Don't Screw Up Your Workout Routine

Giving blood is a great way to help others, but what happens when you show up to your next workout low on blood? Some aspects of fitness bounce back quickly, but you might want to put off any races or competitions for a few weeks.

Use A Padded Jump Rope To Prevent Calluses At The Gym

Calluses on your hands from the gym are both blessing and a curse. They’re a sign that you’ve been lifting regularly. However, they will ruin the smoothest of hands and might be difficult to get rid of. Here’s a novel trick to prevent them.

Australian Kids Are Indulging In More 'Screen Time' Than Ever

For decades, pediatricians have recommended that children limit the amount of screen-based media they consume to less than two hours per day. However, new research suggests that this advice has gone largely unheeded; particularly among 16-year olds. Instead of irresponsible parenting, we should be blaming laptops and smartphones.

Cannellini Bean Lamingtons: The Perfect Healthy Snack For Australia Day?

Alongside pavlova, lamingtons are the quintessential Australian treat. Unfortunately, they’re also loaded with an unhealthy amount of kilojoules and sugars. If you’re currently dieting but still want to show your patriotism this Australia Day, try this recipe for delicious, healthy lamingtons. The secret ingredient? Cannellini beans!

Use This Deep Breathing Technique To Calm Yourself

How you breathe can have a significant impact on your physical and emotional health. If you’re about to head into a high-stress situation, or just want to calm yourself from an existing one, this technique can help you focus on better breathing while distracting you from the trouble at hand.

How Loved Ones Can Sabotage Your Fitness Efforts

It happens to everyone. You start to make progress, you feel good about the changes you’ve made, and then — your closest loved ones will attempt to sabotage your fitness efforts. Let’s take a look at why this happens.

How To Beat Australia's Record Heatwaves

It looks likely that parts of Australia are going to experience near-record temperatures this week, especially out west. As such, it’s vital to stay as cool as possible.