How Can We Stop Australians Getting So Fat?

Over the past three decades, the Australasia region has outpaced other regions of the world with the largest absolute increase in adult obesity. Poor diet and high body mass index have overtaken tobacco as the leading risk factors for disease and early death in Australia.

Five Common Myths About Meditation Debunked

You’ve probably heard that meditation can be beneficial, but how much do you actually know about it? Many aspects of meditation are often misunderstood or misinterpreted. Let’s debunk some of these myths so you can start reaping the rewards.

The History Of Sadness, And How We Can Deal With It

Everyone gets sad sometimes. It’s part of being human, but dealing with it is still difficult. This TED-Ed video dives into how we’ve perceived sadness through history, and how we benefit from and deal with it in our own lives.

Watch For These Lesser-Known Depression Symptoms

Depression can be tough to recognise, especially in teenagers. Keep an eye out for these symptoms to make sure you — and your teen — get help as soon as you see the danger signs.

The Truths Behind Eight Common Old Wives' Tales

Whether from friends, family or random Faceboom posts, you’ve probably heard things that sound either too good to be true, or like complete bull crap. Here is a collection of some of the most popular old wives’ tales that go both ways.

This Comic Shows You The Right Way To Share Private Sexy Selfies (NSFW)

Just a few weeks ago, we highlighted an Oh Joy Sex Toy comic that explained when it’s OK to share someone else’s private sexy selfies (hint: Never.) This week Erika Moen is back with another comic with tips on how to take and share yours with people you trust, and it’s packed with good information.

Determine Your Relationship Chemistry With This Dating Infographic

In today’s dating world, it can be notoriously difficult to work out where you stand in a new relationship. Is it serious or casual? Open or exclusive? Fleeting or ever-lasting? Even if you work out what your own feelings are, there’s no guarantee your new partner will feel the same way. The simple solution is to just ask them — or you could use this “relationship status” infographic to avoid sounding clingy.

What To Eat To Help Your Brain During Exams

Exam time is quickly approaching for HSC and university students. While study is at the forefront, nutrition is often the furthest thing from students’ minds. However, a healthy diet plays a vital role in attaining optimal academic performance during the rigours and challenges of exam time.

Use Sunk Costs To Your Advantage To Promote Healthy Habits

When you pay for something, you tend to want to see it through, even if it’s long past the point where it’s worth it to continue. This is typically viewed as a negative, but if your sunk costs go to something healthy, it can help encourage positive habits.

The Best Ways To Improve Your Workouts At The Gym

If you’ve settled into an exercise routine that works for you the next thing you may struggle with is making yourself at home in the gym. We’re talking about making sure you exercise properly, make progress, and don’t hurt yourself. Luckily, there are plenty of places to turn for good advice. Let’s look at some of them.