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Special Fonts To Help Dyslexics Might Not Actually Help

The marketers for a typeface called “Dyslexie” claim the font can make reading “easy and enjoyable for people with dyslexia”. The reasoning behind the font’s design is intriguing. But before you get too excited — the scientific evidence supporting Dyslexie’s usefulness is far from conclusive.

Beatactive Offers Full 30-Minute Workouts Synced With Great, Upbeat Music

Android/iOS: If you’re a music lover, particularly of the electronic music variety, Beatactive could be a sweet workout companion. Beatactive syncs up upbeat tunes, bodyweight exercises and a DJ who guides you through each workout.

Why A Head Injury Can Be Far Worse Than You Realise

Around 432,700 Australians — or 1 in 45 — have suffered an acquired traumatic brain injury in their lives. Some eventually die as a result, and those who do recover often exhibit lingering effects. It’s a serious public health issue that’s only getting worse. Here’s what you need to know about protecting your head.

Five Surprising First Date Deal Breakers

All kinds of things can go wrong on a first date, but not every pitfall is as obvious as you think. According to one survey of over 1300 singles, you should try to avoid these lesser-known deal breakers as well.

How Do Our Bodies Adjust To Extreme Temperatures?

This man clearly harbours no qualms about the cold. The native Norwegian achieved viral renown for skating on and swimming in Norway’s Lake Goksjo almost entirely nude, save for a pair of Speedos and a wreath of ice worn round his neck. We know what you’re thinking: How I can I be like this man? Let us show you the way.

Stop Working Out So Much On Your 'Rest Days'

Workout days in your exercise program are simple to follow: you just do the workout. Then, on your “rest days”, you feel like a lost duckling. Do you run on the treadmill? Or maybe do lighter weights? A bike ride on a unicycle up a mountain sounds nice. How about this: try actually letting your body rest.

The Right Way To Remove A Splinter, According To Doctors

Video: Having a splinter stuck in your skin can be quite painful. The good news is that you can remove most at home, without going to a doctor. The bad news is that you can cause more damage if you don’t know the right way to do it.

How To Cope With An Existential Crisis

Despite the weirdness of existence, most of us are able to get on with our lives and avoid debilitating feelings of despair, personal failure and cosmic meaninglessness. But every once in a while we’re tugged out of our complacency and forced to re-evaluate our lives. Here’s what you need to know about existential crises, and how to cope with them.

'You Limit Yourself By Having Low Expectations'

Perhaps you know someone in your gym who seems really, really strong because he or she can move a ton of weight. You tell yourself that you want to be just as strong, but according to Greg Nuckols, that will hold you back. When you cast a narrow gaze, you limit how strong you can become.

My New Favourite Sports Bra Is A $55 Piece Of Elastic

I didn’t believe it at first, either. When I first heard about the Būband, I googled up review after review looking for someone who could verify that it was a ridiculous garbage gimmick. But most of what I read was positive, so I told you guys all about it. I even bought one for myself, and now? I’m a believer.

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