All About Creating Healthier Sleeping Habits

There is rarely any instant fix when you’re having trouble sleeping, and if you’re a light sleeper, it can be especially important to foster healthy sleeping habits. How do you stop checking your phone at 2AM and start making sleep a priority?

Use Visualisation To Power Through Tough Workouts

Mentally rehearsing tough spots in workouts or competitions can be a useful tool to beat those obstacles when you meet them in real life. Here’s a formula to help you build an effective script for visualising success.

Four Lessons Role Playing Games Can Teach You About Fitness

In most people’s minds, gamers are the furthest thing from the muscular, toned athletes they aspire to be…possibly because video games are often blamed for breeding a generation of couch potatoes. But In fact, there are many fit gamers out there, and many of them will cite parallels with the RPGs they know and love when talking about how they got fit.

Why Does Our Hair Turn Grey?

Most of us find our first “greys” by the time we turn 30, usually at the temples, then later, across the scalp. While many people find the salt and pepper look appealing, others go to great lengths to conceal these locks.

This Video Clears Up 10 Popular Misconceptions About Psychology

The world of psychology can be extensive. Because of that, a lot of things can be unclear. This video will help clear your mind of all the myths and old wives’ tales.

How To Identify Your Partner's 'Libido Type' And Get Better In Bed

Ever been in a relationship where it seemed like you were on completely different pages about sex? Maybe they’re constantly nervous, turning you down or complaining it isn’t steamy enough. Everyone has a different type of sex drive, and figuring out your partner’s type will make your life a whole lot easier — and your sex a whole lot better.

How To Talk To People Who Make Bad Health Decisions

It’s frustrating when your friend — or, worse, a stranger on the internet — is making ill-advised health decision. Maybe they smoke, or eat terribly, or buy everything Dr Oz endorses. Maybe they refuse to vaccinate their kids. Here’s how to get through to them.

Atari Fit Takes Gamification To The Retro Level

iOS/Android: There’s nothing new in taking gamification to fitness. So how about some retro gamification instead?

Avoid Emotional Eating With The Broccoli Test

You’re going about your day when the urge to eat sets in. Sure, you might be physically hungry, but it’s possible you’re seeking a security blanket to alleviate stress. Or perhaps you’re just bored. Use “The Broccoli Test” to identify emotional hunger and stop it from ruining your diet.

Are Smartphones Better Than Fitness Trackers?

If you want to measure your walking pace, there’s no shortage of fitness bands that you can buy to help you along the way. Equally, a number of smartphones offer step tracking too. Which approach is best?