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Running Isn't Cheap

Running is simple: Just lace up some shoes and go, right? We’ve even told you that you don’t need to buy expensive shoes. But even if you seek out the clothes, shoes and races with the lowest price tags, it’s hard to keep your overall budget down. Here’s why, and what you can do.

Stop Telling Kids That Medicines Are Lollies

We’ll say anything to bribe a kid to take their medicine, but telling them that they’re lollies has the potential to backfire. In Australia, over half of the children hospitalised due to poisoning annually suffer pharmaceutical poisoning. Many of these are because they helped themselves to meds that were left in reach. After all, who doesn’t want more lollies?

10 Scientific And Tech Visionaries Who Experimented With Drugs

Is intelligence related to an increased likelihood of recreational drug use? It’s an interesting hypothesis, and one that’s been gaining momentum in recent years.

The Amount Of Sleep That Kids And Teens Need To Be Healthy, According To Experts

Infants, children and teens all need more sleep than the average adult. For years, we’ve heard varying but similar ranges from different sources, but now a recent consensus statement by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) has helped put this debate to bed.

This Paper Template Helps You Stick To Your Running Regimen

Apps can measure how far and how fast you run, but they’re not great at gauging your long term progress. Am I building a habit? Am I getting faster? Seeing your runs on a sheet of paper, with planned workouts next to a brief post-mortem, helps you see your progress. Here’s the template I use.

How To Get Sleep At Multi-Day Music Festivals [Infographic]

Nobody expects to get a full night’s sleep at music festivals — they’re noisy, crowded and way too much fun. However, getting zero shuteye can swiftly lead to headaches and exhaustion which translates to a thoroughly horrible time. This infographic from SleepyPeople lists 10 “sleep hacks” specifically designed for festival goers.

Classic Hacks: Do These Hourly Desk Stretches To Relax Your Brain And Body

While stretching may not be as helpful in your workout as was once thought, a good stretching session can still leave you feeling limber and relaxed. We’ve dug up these easy stretches that can be done at your desk, to keep you going through a long day of sitting hunched over your keyboard.

Google Will Start Showing Direct Answers When You Search For Medical Symptoms

While it’s almost never a good idea to search for medical symptoms online, Google is at least making the process a little easier on mobile by giving you direct answers to the symptoms you search for.

Make A Mental Highlight Reel Of Your Best Workouts To Power Through Your Slumps

If you’re in a bad mood at the start of a workout, or if you’re dreading what’s to come, you’re more likely to have a miserable experience. But if you remember your best days at the gym, or your favourite finish-line moments, you can use those to set the scene when you begin.

Breathe For iPhone Walks You Through Breathing And Relaxation Exercises

iOS: Anyone struggling with stress understands that even a little time to relax can help a lot, and Breathe for iPhone is an app that walks you through simple breathing exercises to help you relax, de-stress and find a little peace.

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