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This Video Shows Hand Exercises For Gamers And Heavy Computer Users

If you spend long hours attached to your keyboard and mouse — whether for gaming or work — try these stretching exercises. They will not only make your hands and wrists feel better, you might get faster and more efficient when gaming.

What To Do If You're Experiencing Sexual Pain

A study from April’s Journal of Sexual Medicine found that a whopping 30% of women experienced pain during their last sexual experience. Sadly, a lot of women operate under the assumption that sex is inherently painful, and that all you can do is grit your teeth and get through it. Nothing could be further from the truth. If sex is ever uncomfortable for you, here are some better ideas for what to do.

How To Find The Right Gym For You

A good exercise program and diet are undeniably important parts of your fitness success. But they aren’t the only factors — the gym you choose can have a big impact on your success too.

The Three Most Effective Interval Workouts

When it comes to cardio, high-intensity interval training gives you the biggest bang for your buck: a short sprint-based workout improves your health as much as a longer, low-intensity slog. But should you pick the workout with the 20-second bursts or the one that has you sprinting for three minutes? Here’s how to choose.

Skip The Alcohol Before Bed To Sleep Better

You probably feel groggy and grumpy on Monday mornings. Sure, that’s partly because Monday sucks, but if your idea of relaxing on the weekends include having a couple of beers before bed, that alcohol could be screwing up your sleep.

A Woman's Guide To Learning To Love Masturbation [NSFW]

So many of the women in my sex therapy practice complain that they don’t like masturbating. I’m a huge proponent of masturbation, and have seen the ways that it can transform women’s lives with more pleasure, more orgasms, better body confidence, and more fun! Nobody’s going to force you to put your hands down your pants, but let’s talk about how to enjoy masturbation if you never have before.

The Price Of Healthy Living: Is Allen's Killing Off Its Classic Lolly Range?

According to a report in the Herald Sun, some of Allen’s most beloved lollies are facing extinction as the company looks to “streamline its portfolio”. Confectionery on the chopping block includes Green Frogs, Marella Jubes, Spearmint Leaves and possibly even Sherbies (no!). The death of these iconic favourites is a stark reminder that the war on sugar is not without its causalities: namely, diehard lolly fans like me.

The Best Workout Program Is The One You Actually Enjoy

We’ve written about a lot of workout options here on Lifehacker: from quickie options to gamification theory. But the best workout of all, according to experts, is simply whichever one you enjoy — because that’s the one you’ll stick with.

Nekoze For Mac Uses An Adorable Cat To Improve Your Posture

OS X: Odds are you could probably improve your posture a bit while you work, and Nekoze is a fun little app that will help you do it. Nekoze takes the form of a cat that keeps an eye on your posture while you sit at your desk. If you slouch too much, the cat will flash a warning on screen, telling you to sit up straight.

The Only Time It's Safe To Refreeze Thawed Meat

Raise your hand if this has happened to you before: You took some meat out of the freezer to defrost, only to never get around to cooking it. You can still save the meat and refreeze it — but only on one condition.