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Simple Habit Offers Easy, Five-Minute Meditations You Can Do Anywhere

iOS: We’ve discussed the topic of paid meditation apps before, but Simple Habit is a new option that offers simple, five-minute meditations designed for specific needs or times of the day. They help you relax, help you regain focus or help you soothe a troubled mind.

How To Hatch Pokemon Eggs And Have A Great Run At The Same Time

While Pokemon GO is great for interval workouts, it’s not always easy to play while you’re on a nice long run: The app under-counts the distance you travel, and sometimes turns off unexpectedly. Don’t let that stop you, though: You can still good workout in while you hatch some eggs — it just takes a few tweaks.

Watch How People Treat Strangers To Weed Out The Jerks In Your Life

The problem with jerks is that they don’t always reveal themselves until you’re already working with them too closely to cut ties. To avoid getting into a sticky situation, watch how the people you meet treat strangers.

What Your Pee And Poo Colour Says About Your Health

Out of the blue I passed bright red pee. I freaked, thinking it was a sign of terminal disease. Then I remembered the roasted beetroot tarts served at the party the night before – so delicious I’d eaten three! Beetroot, artificial colours, vitamin supplements and medications can change the colour of your urine or bowel motions. Knowing which colour changes are due to food or medicines can save you worry, or provide an early alert to get to the doctor.

Why 'Stop Caring About What Other People Think' Is Terrible Advice

Have you ever tried hard to stop caring what other people think about you? Hoped that doing so would free you from social pain and self-doubt once-and-for-all? It rarely works and here’s why.

What Are Your Biggest Red Flags When You Start Dating Someone?

Some first dates lead to more dates and an exciting, loving relationship. The rest of them stop love dead in its tracks because certain red flags set off the alarm bells in your head. So tell us, what are your biggest red flags when you start to date someone?

Dislodge A Fish Bone Caught In Your Throat With A Milkshake

The best way to avoid swallowing fish bones is to pick them out before cooking, but sometimes you’ll miss one. If it gets stuck in your throat, this sweet trick will help it move along.

Conquer Your First Rope Climb With These Intermediary Exercises

If you’re training for an obstacle race of some sort, then you’ll likely need to climb a tall rope. Climbing a rope, like the pull-up or push-up, can be worked on, one exercise at a time. Here are the exercises that will prepare you for rope climbing and more.

Even More Evidence BMI Isn't A Good Measure Of Health

We already knew BMI isn’t a great measure of whether a person is fat or not, but now a study confirms that it’s not a good measure of health either.

Tinder's New Social Feature Makes Organising Group Dates Simple

Having a night out with your friends? Tinder’s feature, Tinder Social, makes it easy to connect with other groups and paint the town red together.

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