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How To Be More Productive When Flying For Work

Flying might not be quite as glamorous as it was in the golden age of air travel, but it’s an awful lot easier to get things done these days: whether it’s in-flight Wi-Fi or the joys of airlines’ VIP lounges, you can be perfectly productive while you soar through the sky. These are our favourite tips for business flights.

Killer Interview Question: What Sports Do you Play?

In this week’s KIQ, we look at a question that you wouldn’t expect to hear during an interview.

What Hiring Managers Wish You Knew About Applying For A Job

Hiring managers play a critical role in deciding which job applicants to interview, the details of the job offer, and whom to hire. So if we should take job search tips from anyone, it’s them.

How Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Runs Work Meetings

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella is soft-spoken, humble and understated; a complete contrast to his garish predecessor Steve Ballmer. With a background in electrical engineering and over two decades worth of experience working at Microsoft, Nadella is highly respected in the technology industry. So when he gives advice, you’d want to listen.

Don't Fear Rejection: It's Just One Person's Opinion

Most of us are adverse to rejection — we want people to like us and to be accepted. Fear of rejection could be a big barrier, however. To get over it, reconsider what you think “rejection” really means.

Ask To Sit In On A Team Meeting Before Accepting A Job Offer

You’re interviewing for a job and you think it’s a good one, but you’re not completely sure. Before you accept the job offer, test out your cultural fit with the company by attending one of their meetings.

Is Paper Mightier Than The Computer When It Comes To Learning?

Back in the good old days we used pen and paper in classrooms. They were the essential learning tools. Now it’s commonplace to see students take a laptop to class, tapping away to take notes. But which method is superior when it comes to studying? A new piece of research commissioned by Canon claims to have the answer.

Would You Rather Have A Boring Job Or A Stressful One?

Neither are ideal situations, of course, and most jobs have their mix of normal, boring, and stressful times. But — between boredom and stress — which do you think is worse for your career?

LikeaJob Is Tinder For Job Seekers And Employers

Australians now have access to a web service that touts itself as the Tinder of the job marketplace. LikeaJob is a website that connects job hunters to potential employers via a “like” system that is similar to the popular dating app.

Career Spotlight: What I Do As A Manufacturing Engineer

When a device works well, you probably put little thought into how it was made, let alone how thousands upon thousands of them were made. There is plenty of public emphasis put on design — but figuring out how to replicate something at scale is an engineering feat unto itself.

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