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When To Bring Up Salary Whie Interviewing For A Job

It can be tough to gauge when to bring up the topic of salary during a job interview. You need to know what kind of numbers you’re looking at, though. Business Insider offers this simple rule of thumb for asking at the right time.

Why You Should Never Ask If You Got The Job Right After An Interview

It’s good to ask a few questions at a job interview and show your interest, but there is one question you should always avoid.

Why You Need To Accept Employee Attrition, Particularly For Younger Workers

Employee retention – especially in industries facing skills shortages like IT – is a huge priority for organisations across Australia. There are a number of reasons for this. For one, competent employees are worth keeping and training a new person up for a role can be a pain in the neck. But the reality is younger workers generally don’t stay in their current jobs for long and it is high-time businesses start accepting that and changing up their management styles to make the most of the situation, according to a report.

Keep Work From Following You Home By Giving Unfinished Tasks A Time And Place 

If you have a hard time shutting down at the end of the day, you’re not alone. Most of us have a habit of letting the workday linger. To keep this from happening, assign a specific place and time for your unfinished business.

Killer Interview Question: Do You Know How To Pronounce The CEO's Name?

This week’s KIQ will require you to do some research because some people (including myself) have confusing names that are hard to pronounce. But it’s important to get your potential new boss’ name right to make a good impression.

Join Career-Themed Facebook Groups To Learn More About Your Industry

You might think LinkedIn is the only site to keep up with your field, but there’s a lot of conversation happening on Facebook, too. Look for Facebook groups that are related to your industry or job to listen in on these conversations and network with other professionals.

How To Stay Healthy In The Office: Pay Attention To Ergonomics

Do you ever have a stiff neck tingling in your fingers or forearms, lower backache or tired eyes? If so you could be suffering from an MSD or musculoskeletal disorder, the most common of which is RSI or repetitive strain injury that many people suffer from who were not taught how to touch type. Here’s how to set up a healthy, ergonomic workspace to keep you comfortable and injury-free.

Improve Your Networking Skills With The 24/7/30 Method

From finding a job to finding a mentor, there are a number of reasons we network. You might not know how soon after meeting someone it’s appropriate to follow-up and connect with them. Entrepreneur’s Ivan Miser makes the process simple with the 24/7/30 method.

A Lot Of Engineering Graduates End Up Working In IT

A recent study has revealed that engineering graduates have a better chance of finding paid employment compared to their brethren in other fields of study. However, less then half of those graduates will end up in the engineering business and a large portion of them will end up in the IT industry.

Does Your Controlling Boss Keep Tabs On You?

It’s a manager’s job to ensure that workers are being productive. But some managers can take it a bit too far, especially when they constantly check in on their employees. If you’ve suffered under a controlling manager, we want to hear your story.

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