Most Popular Career Posts Of 2014

From finding a job to nabbing the best salary, we’ve offered plenty of advice to improve your work situation. These are the 10 most popular career posts from Lifehacker in 2014.

Make A Good First Impression By Saying Who You Help, Not What You Do

When you meet someone for the first time, either in a business or social setting, the question of what you do for a living is guaranteed to come up. You can make strong, lasting impressions by answering that question just a little differently.

Become A Better Leader By Thinking Like Swiss Cheese

Leadership is as much about knowing your weaknesses as it is about knowing your strengths. By knowing where your weak spots are and how to fill those gaps, you can truly become an effective leader.

Set Expectations When Returning To Work After A Personal Crisis

Your job will gives you leave to grieve after a personal crisis, like a divorce or death of a loved one, but you might return to work still feeling emotional. Be upfront with your boss and colleagues about whether you can handle talking about your situation.

The Most In-Demand IT Pro Roles In Australia

Looking for a new job or thinking about retraining? LinkedIn has analysed activity by members to identify the most sought-after skills in Australia, and the list is utterly dominated by IT roles.

How To Futureproof Your Career With The Skills That Matter

The job market can be scary, but you can increase your odds of staying employed with skills that stand the test of time. Here’s how to find and develop futureproof skills so you can keep the money rolling in, no matter what happens.

Five Things Job Candidates Obsess Over That Hiring Managers Don't

Have you crafted a beautiful resume with the perfect typeface? You might be focusing on the wrong aspects of the process, as hiring managers are just looking to find qualified people. Here are five things that people put too much emphasis on that hiring managers actually don’t care about.

Admitting You And The Boss Don't Get Along Might Improve Your Job

Sometimes you just don’t get along with your boss. It may be you, it may be the supervisor, but either way, you aren’t compatible. A recent study says you admitting that fact to each other may improve your job performance.

Three Tests That Reveal How Happy You Are At Work

The end of the year can be a time to reflect on your work and career progress. Although every job has its benefits and drawbacks, these three tests cut through any confusion and clarify how you really feel about it.

How To Be An Effective Manager Even If You're Shy

It might seem like a contradiction — managers are supposed to be authoritative, bold leaders, and shy people tend to hold back and be more reserved in conversation. Can shy leaders truly be effective? Absolutely; it just comes with a different set of challenges.