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The 'Lucky Country' Needs To Be Re-Invented

In our vision for innovation we see changes that drive the kind of industry-academia based interaction Australia needs. Tax changes, a restructure of how universities are funded, broader training for post-graduate students to include industry engagement and changes to some anachronistic institutions such as CSIRO. But as a country, we’re still not doing enough to push the cultural change necessary for a technically innovative society.

Ask 'How Do You Do Your Work?' To Engage Someone In Conversation

The dreaded question “What do you do?” can be a little uncomfortable, but what’s worse is it offers little for your conversation partner to respond to. Instead, ask how they work.

Write A 'Thank You' Note To Your Interviewer After A Botched Interview

You choked in your last interview and now you fear you’ve killed your chances at scored your dream job. But all hope is not lost. A “thank you” note might help you get back in the race.

Killer Interview Question: How Did You Spend Your Weekend?

We’re often told to keep our personal and work lives separate. This week’s KIQ goes against this line of thinking.

2000 Images Of My Little Ponies (And Other Tales Of IT Revenge)

We asked for your best IT and computer-based revenge pranks — you answered. You are all a bunch of brilliant bastards.

We Aren't Imagining It: The Tech Industry Needs More Women

This evening I’m giving a talk to my daughter’s Girl Scouts troop about careers in technology. I’m going to tell them that women have done amazing things in tech. I’m going to tell them that they too can do anything they set their minds to in this arena. But I will be lying to them.

The Best Time To Negotiate Salary For A New Job Is During The Second Interview

You’ve found your dream job but you’re not happy with the salary on offer. Don’t despair. You should try to negotiate your pay for a new position at the end of the second interview, according to professional recruitment firm Hays.

How To Get The Jobs That Are Never Advertised

Have you wondered why some people simply seem to get the good projects, promotions and opportunities?

Skip The Slides For Your Next Presentation

The next time you’re putting together a set of slides for your presentation, ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” Then, an all likelihood, stop making slides.

Killer Interview Question: How Would You Describe The Colour Yellow To A Blind Person

For this week’s KIQ, what you respond with is not as important as how you respond.

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