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Fight Off Secondhand Stress From Your Colleagues With A 'Power Lead'

Stress can be spread to other people, just like an infection. If you find that your colleagues are always spreading their stress to you, you might be able to prevent it next time by opening your conversation with a positive comment.

Is Red Tape Holding Your Organisation Back?

Services firm, Deloitte, recently surveyed 50 chairs and CEOs of Australia’s biggest private sector companies about their views on Government regulations on their businesses. A majority of them indicated that Government red tape is a big concern for them with the potential to stifle their company’s growth. We breakdown the results here.

LinkedIn Revamps Messenger Feature To Make It Suck Less

LinkedIn’s old message service on its professional social networking site had always been terribly clunky. It looked ugly, had very little functionality and it was difficult to follow conversations. The company has heard the collective cries of users and has introduced a new and improved messaging service.

Five Megatrends Keeping IT Business Leaders On Their Toes

In a recent study by Tech Research Asia for NetApp, 468 business and IT leaders across Australia and New Zealand were asked what “megatrends” they thought would be the most disruptive to their businesses in the long run. While these trends do bring challenges for government and private organisations, they present a wealth of opportunities as well, especially for the IT industry.

The Ease Of Turning An Idea Into A Startup

We are seeing a growing trend of people starting their own business. Everywhere you look now, there are aspiring entrepreneurs sitting in cafes plugging away at their idea, a new Kickstarter campaign being launched or a new pop-up that aspires to become a thriving business. Is it just that these businesses are more visible or society has become more attuned to noticing entrepreneurs?

Stop Chasing Inbox Zero, Practice Attention Management Instead

Clearing out everything in your inbox feels great. You get a sense of accomplishment and your to-do list feels a little less burdensome. Except, productivity isn’t measured by how many emails you answer. Instead, learn to manage how you spend your attention.

Deleting Online Accounts: Why You Should Bother To Clean Up Your Clutter

How many online accounts have you got? Note the question is not how many do you use regularly, but how many have you got? Ten? Fifty? A hundred? You might be surprised at how high the number is when you start totting everything up.

Killer Interview Question: Who Is The Smartest Person You Know And How Do They Use Their Intelligence?

This week’s KIQ comes from Lisa Thompson, Commvault human resources director for Asia-Pacific. The aim of this question is to make the interviewee evaluate what ‘intelligence’ actually means and how it is used.

Ask LH: What Should I Do When My Job Role Doesn't Match The Description?

Hi Lifehacker, What would you do if you are in a particular role in your company (mine is web designer) but you haven’t been assigned enough tasks to improve your skills and experiences? There haven’t been enough design tasks in my role and I’ve ended up doing all sorts of other tasks. I’d like to seek another job but I lack confidence since I haven’t been able to build on my skills here. Any suggestions?

The Top 10 Wankiest IT Buzzwords

There are certain words and phrases in the technology industry that makes me want to repeatedly plough my head into a wall. You know what I’m talking about. The marketing guff that company spokespeople spew out that may have sounded awesome the first time but is quickly relegated to overused cliches with hollow meanings. To have a bit of “fun” on a Friday, here are ten IT buzzwords that will make your eyes and ears bleed.

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