Get Out Of Unnecessary Meetings By Voicing Productive Alternatives

Some meetings can be a complete waste of time, especially when you know your presence isn’t essential. Here is a non-confrontational way to try and get out of those meetings so you can get back to your work.

Why You Shouldn't Try To Humblebrag In A Job Interview

Humblebragging is notoriously obnoxious, but it feels necessary sometimes. For example, in a job interview, we’re often told to answer the dreaded “what’s your biggest weakness” question with something sly, such as “I’m too much of a perfectionist.” People see through this. It’s better to either be honest about your bragging or be open about your weaknesses.

Add Work Samples To Your LinkedIn Profile For More Exposure

LinkedIn is a great way to show off your professional chops, but with so many online profiles, you want to make sure yours stands out when you’re looking for work. One easy way to do this? Add media to your profile.

Why Sharing Your Success Is Perceived As Bragging

Imagine you just received a great bit of news at work — a promotion, pay rise, new car, an acceptance letter from the top journal in your field. If you are like me, you would probably like to open your door or pick up your phone and share your happiness with co-workers and friends. But research that colleagues and I have recently carried out suggested you should think twice.

What Men And Woman Actually Get Paid At Australia's Biggest Companies

Salaries vary widely, but there’s one truth that’s still sadly universal: women get paid less for the same work. How does that play out for IT workers in Australia’s biggest companies?

Career Spotlight: What I Do As A Physician Assistant

A wide range of professionals that provide healthcare to people every day besides doctors and nurses. A physician assistant, for example, typically has more time than a rushed doctor to actually spend time with patients and provide care.

The Best Way To Approach The 'What Motivates You?' Interview Question

There are a lot of questions you should expect in an interview, but sometimes the questions are so broad you don’t know how to answer them on the spot. A little self-reflection before your interview can prepare you for one of the most open-ended questions you might run into.

Killer Interview Question: What Would You Do With $10 Million Right Now?

Another addition to the killer interview questions collection: what would you do with $10 million right now?.

Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed At Work With The 'Four D's' Method

You know the stressful, frustrating feeling of having too much on your plate. Next time you’ve got too much to handle, try the Four D’s method: delete, defer, delegate or diminish one of your priorities.