Discuss Your Intent Before Content When Disagreeing With Your Boss

Disagreeing with your boss is difficult territory to wander through. To keep the discussion civil, Harvard Business Review suggests you frame your intent as a mutual goal before you get into the details.

These Are The Toughest IT Roles To Fill In Australia

Wondering which area of IT to specialise in? A study by job ads site indeed has identified the advertised vacancies which remain unfilled after 90 days or more, providing a pointer to the area where skills are lacking.

What To Do When A Co-Worker Becomes Your New Boss

So, there you are: It’s that awkward moment when you’re told that a fellow colleague is now your new boss. Your mind races as the news sinks in. As you hide your initial shock and force a smile you can’t help but wonder — my lunch buddy is becoming my manager. Now what?

Find The Perfect Tie To Match Your Suit With The Lapel Rule

Ties are a must when you want to look your best in a suit, but with so many different styles of each, it can be tough to get things just right. The trick is matching the width of the suit’s lapel with the tie.

Your Odds Of Being Hired For An IT Job Have Gone Up

Good news if you’re looking for a job in IT: employers are keener to hire new people in those roles than they have been for a while.

Career Spotlight: What I Do As A Front-End Web Developer

Without web developers and designers creating the pages of the internet that we visit every day, the web would be a wasteland of hand-coded HTML and “Under Construction” GIFs. It’s the job of front-end developers to create and implement the familiar layouts of our favourite publications and sites.

If Your Interviewer Has A Negative Attitude, Don't Copy It

In business and in life, copying someone’s behaviour can build a rapport. In an interview setting, that might work against you if the interviewer is annoyed.

Prepare For A Job Interview By Writing Three Replies To Each Question

Usually, you have a pretty good idea of what questions will be asked in a job interview. In preparing your answers, it helps to write them down. You might also want to have a few different answers on hand.

Walt Disney's Best Career Lessons

As the founder of The Walt Disney Company, Disney produced blockbuster movies and immersive theme parks the world had never seen before. Although Walt Disney had a darker side to his reputation, there’s a lot anyone can learn from his career. Here are some lessons from his success.