To Effectively Negotiate A Raise, Quantify Your Contributions

Planning to ask for a sometime soon? There’s a simple way to effectively negotiate your salary increase: quantify your contributions to the company.

Create A Self-Reflection Feedback System By Rating Your Day Out Of 10

When you want to get better at something, you need to be able to reflect and review what you did and how you handled things. Whether it’s a task, a workday or even a week, you can rate it out of 10 to kick off your personal review process.

Ask For A Raise On A Tuesday For Better Results

When hitting up your employer for a raise, it’s important to catch them at the right time. If you’re mulling over which day of the week to ask, try Tuesday for the best outcome.

Encourage Job Offers By Putting An Email Address In Your LinkedIn Summary

Some of us are currently employed, but seeking new opportunities. In those situations, you need to be careful and avoid indicating to your employer that you’re looking. Putting an email address in your LinkedIn summary encourages more networking opportunities.

Create A 'Cubicle Exit Plan' For A Quick Job Change

Few of us have guaranteed employment for life. When you’re let go, your employer doesn’t always given you a chance to retrieve your stuff. Consider having a clear exit plan.

How Universities Improve Society (And Your Salary)

Tertiary education graduates across the OECD earn on average 70% more than the non-tertiary educated, meaning despite rising costs of higher education in Australia the investment is still worthwhile.

How To Repair A Damaged Professional Relationship

If you’ve spent enough time in the workforce, you almost certainly have a trail of damaged professional relationships behind you. That doesn’t mean you’re a bad manager or employee; it’s simply a fact that some people don’t get along, and when we have to rely on each other, there are bound to be crossed wires and disappointments.

Learn How Speeches Differ From Essays For Better Presentations

Giving a speech is an art unto itself. If you haven’t done many of them before, it’s tempting to write down everything you want to say in essay form and read it aloud. Business blog HBR explains why this is a terrible idea.

Are You Ready To Audition As An IT Pro?

We’re familiar with the three-month probationary period, where an employer can work out if you fit the role and you have time to decide if your boss is a psycho. But how would you feel about “auditioning” for a tech job before you actually got offered it?

Think Twice Before Referring Someone To Your Company For A Bonus

Many employers have referral bonuses in place to recruit new employees — if you refer a new hire to the company, you get a bonus. That person’s performance reflects on you, though, so don’t go referring everyone you know.