The Kogan Principle: Pick Job Candidates Based On Their Email Domain

Trying to sort through a long list of job candidates? Entrepreneur Ruslan Kogan suggests using the email domain applicants use to help narrow down the field.

Know Your Career Path With The G+P+V Formula

Whether you’ve been in the job market for a while or you’re a recent graduate, you’ll face the question of where to go with your career. Learning what you are good at, what you care about, and what’s important to you is one way of answering that question.

Killer Interview Question: How Would You Design A Phone For Deaf People?

Another addition to Lifehacker’s ever-growing killer interview questions collection: How would you design a phone for deaf people?.

View Your Annoyances As Project Opportunities At Work

No job is without its share of annoyances. While most of us tend to groan, sigh and move on with our day, those moments of frustration may actually be golden opportunities calling to you.

Ask LH: Should I Submit My Resume In Person?

Hey Lifehacker, I’m wondering: After seeing numerous articles about job interviews and such, it got me wondering. Would a business be much more eager to employ me if I were to hand in my resume and cover letter in person, or if i just applied through the internet? Would showing up in person demonstrate I actually have more drive and more interest in the job? I just wonder if I’d have better chances going into a workplace and applying.

Consider Working From Home On Wednesdays Instead Of Fridays

If you work from home for part of the week, you may be tempted to make Friday your telecommuting day. Shifting that day to Wednesday, though, can help break up the week (and make it more likely that your boss will let you telecommute).

Focus On Your Interviewer's Opinion To Avoid Dumb Questions

At the end of a job interview, most potential employers ask if you have any questions. If this makes you nervous, ask the interviewer their opinion, rather then asking a direct question.

Avoid The 'Scrum' To Compete More Effectively In Your Career

Everyone enters the rat race hoping to get ahead. However, there are effective and ineffective ways to compete. One way to make your efforts count is to avoid the “scrum” — don’t waste your effort on something everyone else is already working on.

Answer The 'What Is Your Salary?' Question With The Amount You Want

At some point before or during your job interview, you’ll probably be asked how much you’re currently making. The Personal Branding Blog offers some suggestions for deflecting this unnecessary question.

Ask 'What' Instead Of 'Why' When The Boss Criticises

Nobody enjoys getting chewed out by the boss, but it happens to the best of us. Starting the discussion with “what” helps you focus on constructive feedback.