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Want A New Job? Make Yourself Findable Online

As a recruiter with extensive experience sourcing candidates for roles, there are two pieces of advice I have for job seekers hoping to be approached by those looking to hire: 1) Be ‘findable’; and 2) Make it easy. The obvious question is: how do you do that?

Killer Interview Question: How Would You Prioritise Answering Your Emails?

This week’s KIQ wants to find out if you have effective email management skills. This question was asked by a hiring manager at Google for an associate account strategist role.

Why You Should Still Do Good Work Even If You Hate Your Job

When you’re mentally done with your job, it’s easy to give up and put in less effort. You hate your job anyway, so what’s the point in trying? It’s a tempting thought, but it usually works in your favour to continue to do good work even when you’re fed up.

What's The Best Area To Pursue A Career In IT?

I asked 16 people already in the tech industry what advice they would give to someone keen to start working in IT, but not sure which area to pursue. Their advice ranged from “learn maths” to “software defined data centres are the future” to “take up plumbing instead”.

Boost Your Confidence Before A Phone Interview By Dressing Your Best

Interviewing for a job over the phone can be just as stressful as interviewing in person. You can prepare yourself mentally and get in a good mindset by dressing up like they will be right there in the room with you.

BYOD? Why Not Bring-Your-Own-Team?

Payments startup Stripe is currently experimenting with a new way of hiring. Instead of recruiting just one individual, the company wants to bring in an entire team all at once. Stripe is calling this ‘Bring-Your-Own-Team’ and here’s why it thinks this is a good approach.

This Interactive Tool Calculates The Cost Of Your Unpaid Overtime

We all work through lunch or leave work late every now and then. When you do this regularly, though, that time can really add up. This interactive calculator puts a price on your unpaid overtime.

Ask For A Reference Letter As Soon As Possible After Leaving Your Job

When leaving one job for another — and leaving on good terms — you might not be thinking about needing a reference letter. After all, you already landed the other job. This is, however, the best time to ask your manager for a reference letter.

Fill Out A Thin Resume By Scanning Through Job Postings

If you feel like your resume could use some padding, fear not, you’re probably just selling yourself short. A little job posting exploration can help you find some skills you forgot to add.

Four Ways To Handle A Condescending Coworker

We don’t always get to collaborate with people who have mastered the nuances of communication in the workplace. You may not be able to change the behaviour of others, but you can at least learn to effectively deal with them to minimise the impact and suffering on you, your confidence, and your work.

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