Use A Bottom-Up Approach To Learning To Code If You're A Beginner

Some people say you should jump in and just start trying to make an app or whatever it is you want to make when you’re interested in learning to code. Others recommend a “bottom-up” approach, learning the basics first and slowly building over time.

Game Developers Want To Work For Valve Or For Themselves

Games development is challenging and commercialisation is even harder, but that doesn’t put many aspiring game builders off. A survey of 2200 developers by the International Game Developers Association suggests that Valve, the house of Steam, is the most popular choice, followed by working for your own company.

Behind The App: The Story Of Alfred

Alfred, as its congenial, obedient name suggests, is like a butler for your Mac. It’s an app launcher, a search utility, and a general productivity tool that lets you automate aspects of your workflow without ever having to lift your fingers from your keyboard.

Tips For Learning To Thrive As A Coder

Learning to code always sounds tempting for non-programmers, but how do you get started? Andrew Turley, a software engineer with job-matching service The Ladders, shares some insights.

Users Frequently Can't Tell If They're Using A Native App Or HTML5

There has been much hand-wringing about the merits of using HTML5 versus building native apps for mobile device. Whatever the technical arguments, it’s important not to lose sight of one key fact: many end users can’t tell the difference.

Keep Visitors On Your Site With A Truly Helpful 404 Page

A 404 page is a familiar way to indicate that someone is trying to access a non-existent page, but if you want to keep people on your site, there’s a lot you can do to make your 404 page more useful.

Turbo Editor Is A Powerful File Editor With Syntax Highlighting

Android: You might not think about coding from your phone, but that could just be because you haven’t yet found the right app. Turbo Editor is a free file editor for Android that includes syntax highlighting for a number of languages.

View The Annoyances In Your Life As Mutations Rather Than Bugs

In nature, mutations are a necessary part of evolution. In software, programmers call them bugs. The unexpected events in your life can be either, depending on your outlook.

Wyvern Wants To Be One Language To Type Them All

Building apps has always required melding together disparate technologies, and that’s especially true in the current mobile/web environment. Wyvern is a prototype programming language that aims to enable type-specific languages, so you can create user-defined types with new syntax.

Google Fit SDK Now In Preview

Been itching to build some fitness apps using Google’s Android-based Google Fit framework? There’s now a preview software development kit (SDK) for you to play with.