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From Science Fiction To Reality: The Dawn Of The Biofabricator

Over the past few years, the once-fantastical concept of the “bionic man” has become a reality as 3D-printed body parts inch into the mainstream. Biofabrication isn’t science-fiction any longer; instead it’s a viable career choice for biology-loving engineers. Here’s what you need to know about this intriguing job opportunity.

Google Teaches App Developers How To Disable Apple's Ad-Blocking Security Feature

With the impending rollout of iOS 9, Apple will be implementing its App Transport Security (ATS) feature which brings in new standards for apps to ensure they are safe to run on iPhones. Problem is that it takes time for developers to comply with the ATS standards. As such, ATS will block in-apps ads for those that don’t meet the new standards, which will impact revenue for developers. Google has now come out with a short-term fix for this.

A Visual Map Showing Government Investments Around Australia? Wouldn't It Be Nice

Governments around the world receive a lot of criticism and a lot of it has to do with citizens not knowing where their hard-earned tax-payer dollars are going. Over in the US, the White House has done something of the sort, releasing a map tool where users can easily see all the community-based programs it’s working on right across the country. It’s something that Australia can and should copy.

Run Your Android Device Through Your Desktop With Vysor

Ever get sick of using apps with the small screen on your smartphone? If you’re an Android user, there’s now a solution. You can duplicate your Android device’s display on your desktop with a new Chrome extension called Vysor.

How To Make The Most Of Window's Promo Codes For Apps Feature

Everybody loves to get things for free, and what better way for app developers to drive uptake for their products than by giving it away at no cost? Microsoft recently added a new feature to Windows Dev Centre which allows Windows app developers do just that through the generation of promotional codes.

Chrome Canary Can Now Spell Check In Multiple Languages At Once

Google has added experimental support for spellchecking in multiple languages simultaneously in Chrome Canary, the company’s version of the Chrome browser designed for developers and early adopters. Here’s how you can turn on the feature.

Microsoft Adds Row-Level Security For SQL Database To Give More Control To Developers

After a preview period, Microsoft has made row-level security (RLS) generally available, providing more control and reducing the risk of errors in a developer’s application code. Here’s more on how this new feature can benefit you in your app development process.

Add-On Developers: What You Need To Know About Firefox's Upcoming Changes

Building extensible software is a tricky business. On one hand, you want your platform to be as customisable as possible, while on the other you want the flexibility to update APIs to make them faster, more secure and feature-rich. These aims aren’t always compatible, as we’re now discovering with Mozilla and the fundamental changes it’s making to Firefox’s add-on infrastructure.

Ask LH: Should I Install The iOS 9 And OS X El Capitan Betas?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m not a developer or anything, but I’m really excited about the new improvements in iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan. Is it safe to install the betas for them? What’s the experience going to be like if I do?

Which Programming Language Do You Prefer?

Code hosting website, GitHub, has published a graph which shows just how popular different programming languages are on the site since its launch in 2008. The results revealed some interesting trends and how different languages have picked up momentum in recent years.

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