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Mozilla Officially Shutters Firefox OS

Last December marked the beginning of the end for Mozilla’s smartphone platform, Firefox OS. Now it’s official — Mozilla will cease development of the operating system after the next update and will be closing the doors on its satellite operations over the next few months.

Visa Launches Developer Platform To Share Payments Technology

After spending decades keeping its payment technologies behind closed doors, Visa has flung open the gates to welcome external developers to use its application programming interfaces (APIs). The new Visa Developer platform will allow banks, merchants and tech companies to take advantage of the vendor’s payment technologies and weave them into their own software and apps. Here are the details.

Microsoft Offers US$300 Azure Credits To Visual Studio Dev Essentials Members

Microsoft is ramping up efforts to woo developers to its Visual Studio Dev Essentials program by offering up US$300 worth of credits for services on the company’s Azure public cloud platform. Here are the details.

How To Add A Wi-Fi Board To A Raspberry Pi Zero

The Raspberry Pi Zero is a fantastically affordable single-board computer, but its (roughly) $20 price point means that it doesn’t pack quite as many connectivity options as some of its more powerful siblings, which come with Ethernet ports.

Microsoft Edge Is Supporting A Bunch Of Web Technologies To Entice Developers

Microsoft’s Edge browser needs all the help it can get if it wants to remain relevant in a market where Chrome and Firefox dominates the scene. After sourcing feedback from developers, the company has revealed that it is adding support for a number of web technologies on Edge. Here are the details.

Some USB-C Cables Are So Poorly Made, They Could Damage Your Hardware

Very few phones have the new USB-C type cables just yet, but there are enough that manufacturers have jumped on the accessory train. Be careful when you buy, though. Some are so poorly made, they’re actually damaging hardware.

Every App That Apple Has Tried To Kill

Apps die — often. It’s all part of the technological circle of life where alpha predators in multi-billion dollar dens feast on more vulnerable, less cash-infused prey. And one company that has always had an insatiable T. Rex-level hunger is Apple.

Oracle Finally Decides To Kill Off The Java Browser Plugin Once And For All

Remember those Java plugin pop ups that always appeared at the most inopportune moments? Well you never have to think about them ever again because Oracle has decided to kill off the Java browser plugin technology entirely. Popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox have already switched old plugins including Flash, Java and Silverlight, by default but this move is a solid recognition by Oracle that plugins are indeed archaic.

Microsoft Releases Tools For Artificial Intelligence Research To Developers

Microsoft has open sourced its own artificial intelligence (AI) deep learning tools. The Computational Network Toolkit (CNTK), used by Microsoft’s own researchers, is now available on GitHub, and is aimed at fuelling the speed of AI technology advancement. Here are the details.

Learn How To Port Your iOS App To Windows 10

It’s no surprise that Microsoft wants us to create apps that can run on Windows 10. To that end, the company has posted a tutorial for everyone who’s made an iOS app to easily bring it over to Windows 10.

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