Google Made Bits And Pieces Of Its Web Design Freely Available To Use

For those making a webpage, either for a personal blog, small business, or something similar, Google just made your job a lot easier. Now you can pinch some of Google’s code for specific website elements for use in your own projects.

What Will Australia's Networking Traffic Look Like In 2019?

Faster? Almost certainly, although fixed line speeds will outpace mobile by a significant factor. Here’s what you should consider when developing projects based on Cisco’s most recent Visual Networking Index.

MS Visual Studio 2015 Will Be Released On July 20th

The latest version of Visual Studio, along with Team Foundation Server 2015 and .NET Framework will arrive just before Windows 10 itself on July 20th.

How Heavily Do You Consider Gender Issues When Designing Icons?

Gender issues are a sensitive topic, but how heavily have you considered them when designing onscreen elements?

Atom, GitHub's Official Editor, Releases First Stable Version 1.0

Windows/Mac/Linux: Atom, GitHub’s free text editor, has been toiling away in beta builds for a while now. Today, it’s officially available as a stable version.

Why Is It So Bloody Hard To Build Humanlike Robots?

One day, a robot might save your life. But first it needs to work out how to open a door unassisted. The DARPA Robotics Challenge was created in response to the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear disaster and while results were decidedly mixed, the event provided a fascinating insight into the nuts-and-bolts of robotic engineering.

How Topology Helps Us Understand Big Data

Big data gets a lot of attention from media, industry and government. Companies and labs generate massive amounts of data associated with everything from weather to cell phone usage to medical records, and each data set may involve hundreds of variables. How does one begin to make sense of it all? The answer lies in “rubber sheet” geometry.

App Directory: The Best Alarm Clock App For IPhone

The iTunes Store has almost as many alarm clocks as it does to-do apps, so it’s difficult to choose the right one. In our tests, we found Wake Alarm Clock to be the best thanks to a good set of features and solid reliability.

Don't Panic, We Still Can't Program Robots Properly

Do you find yourself worried by the implications of Humans, the new TV drama about the exploits of near-human intelligent robots? Have you ever fretted over the apocalyptic warnings of Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk about the threat of superintelligent artificial intelligence? If you find this creepy or have answered “yes”, you should immediately watch footage from the recent DARPA Robotics Challenge.

Visual Studio Betas Are Being Aligned With Windows 10 Preview Releases

With Windows 10 due out in just over a month, Microsoft is keen to make sure there are lots of apps available. So it’s not surprising that preview releases for Visual Studio 2015 will now be aligned with the preview updates being sent out via Windows Insider.