Why Twitter Is Banking On Phone Numbers For Its Future Developers

End users hate having to create new accounts and passwords every time they sign up for a service. Is linking everything into their phone number the answer? That’s the bet Twitter is making with its new mobile platform, Fabric.

McAppStrategy: Why McDonald's Wants Your Mobile Phone Number

Burger giant McDonald’s sees mobile apps as a big part of its future, but it would rather you signed up for them using your phone number than via a social network or dedicated account.

I'm Matthew Dornquast, CEO Of Code42, And This Is How I Work

It may be our most repeated and most ignored advice: always back up your files. Just do it! All drives and discs eventually fail, and backup service CrashPlan is specifically designed with that in mind.

Fabric Combines All Twitter's Developer Techs In One Platform

Twitter announced a lot of new mobile developer technologies at its TwitterFlight developer conference in San Francisco today. The biggest deal? Fabric, which combines crash analytics, Twitter embedding, mobile advertising and single sign-in via your mobile phone number.

How CommBank's Innovation Lab Makes Development Faster

Yesterday, the Commonwealth Bank officially launched out its new ‘Innovation Lab’ at its Sydney headquarters. How can 679 square metres of meeting and testing space improve its technology development cycle? Check out our photo gallery to find out.

AutoInput For Tasker Automates Any UI Interaction For Total Control

Android: Tasker plugins are increasingly the coolest parts of Tasker. AutoInput — another plugin from the same developer that brought us the amazing AutoVoice — allows you to automate every single swipe, tap and keystroke to your heart’s content.

Set Up Your Mac For Development In A Few Minutes

A new computer can sometimes take hours to set up. If you’re a developer, Lapwing Laps has a guide to automate the whole process, including setting up special default settings.

Terminal Sexy Creates Custom Terminal Colour Schemes

Most Terminal apps come with a set of colour customisation options, but they can be difficult to tweak yourself. If you want to make your own, Terminal Sexy is a web app that makes it simple.

How To Develop Useful Google Glass Apps

Google Glass — glasses with a built-in screen, Internet connectivity and the ability to run apps — has attracted lots of attention from developers since its launch last year. But how can you build apps for the platform that are actually useful, not just oddities that will disturb passers-by?

Prompt 2 Is A Powerful, Elegant SSH Client For iOS

iOS: We were fans of the original Prompt when it was released in 2011. Panic has updated its SSH iOS app with a bunch of new features, including sync, clips, TouchID lock and more.