How Machine Learning Is Changing Sport

The drive to improve performance means elite sport is inundated with data from wearable technologies such as GPS, computer vision and match statistics. So professional clubs are constantly on the lookout for tools that can help turn these data into usable and meaningful information.

Why We Should Be Teaching Kids To Code

Bill Shorten’s recent announcement that, if elected, a Labor Government would “ensure that computer coding is taught in every primary and secondary school in Australia” has brought attention to an increasing world trend.

Windows 10 Has A More Intelligent Way Of Handling Default Apps

Setting a default app for a specific file type (like JPG or PDF) ensures that when you double-click on a file, you can open it in your preferred application. Windows 10 is tweaking the way that Windows handles this process — and it sounds like an improvement.

Ninefold Dev Tier Is A Cheap Cloud For Developers

Truthfully, we haven’t heard from local cloud operator Ninefold for a while (local data centres for Amazon and Azure make for a more competitive landscape). But its newly-announced ‘Dev Tier’ package monthly pricing looks quite affordable for developers who want to experiment with cloud computing and favour buying Australian.

Age Discrimination Is A Problem For Games Developers

Making a living as a games developer is challenging — but the strange thing is that it becomes more challenging the longer you do it. Mark over at Kotaku has a great and detailed examination of the problem of ageism in the games industry.

Learn SQL With Khan Academy's New Interactive Course

SQL, the popular programming language used to manage data in a relational database, is used in a ton of apps. Khan Academy’s introductory course to SQL will get you started writing SQL in an interactive editor.

How This Playboy Centrefold Transformed Tech

The November 1972 issue of Playboy magazine is the magazine’s best selling issue of all time. This is not because of the articles, but due to the proliferation of one iconic image from the magazine: that of centrefold model Lena Söderberg.

See How Your Web Site Looks On Different Screen Resolutions

So you want to make sure your website looks good. And you want it to look good on every device. Here’s a tool that lets you test your site to see how it looks on different screens.

Microsoft's New Browser, Edge, Will Mark The End Of ActiveX And VBScript

It was inevitable Microsoft would have to wipe the slate clean when it came to building a replacement for Internet Explorer. While IE 11 is a far cry from the creaky ship that was 6, there’s just too much cruft to work with. Hence the creation of IE’s replacement, “Spartan”, or Microsoft Edge as it’s now called. So, what’s Redmond getting rid of? All the bad stuff.

More Proof You're Unlikely To Get Rich From Apps

Another reminder that it’s hard to make money from apps: an app which made the Mac App Store Top 10 still pulled in just $US302 on its first day.