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AWS Lambda Serverless Compute Offering Set To Be Released In Australia

Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched its Lambda service in the Asia-Pacific a while back but its was only available through the company’s datacentres in Japan. Today, the cloud platform provider announced it will be launching Lambda in Australia very soon. Here’s what we know so far.

Sega Upgrades Mega Drive Steam Collection To Include 3D Hub And Mod Sharing

If you been whinging for years about how video games these days just don’t have the heart and soul of those that came out of the 16-bit era, then you’re in luck. Sega is upgrading its Mega Drive games collection on Steam and has created a 3D hub that resembles an early 90s kid’s bedroom with a CRT-TV for that extra punch of nostalgia. You will also be able to modify and share your favourite Sega games through Stream’s player-content portal. Here’s what you need to know.

Microsoft Provides In-Depth Look At The Linux On Windows Subsystem

Now that we’ve had a chance to come to terms with the whole Bash on Windows thing, it’s time Microsoft delivered a deeper look at how the integration works. For the curious, that explainer — the first of a series — is finally here.

Mozilla's Web Literacy Map Teaches The Essential Web Skills Everyone Should Know

Reading, writing and maths are no longer the only essential subjects everyone should learn. Today’s essential skills include navigating the web, writing code and engaging with others online. This web literacy map from Mozilla presents activities that cover these 21st-century skills.

Stanford's Developing iOS 9 Apps With Swift Is Now Available

Stanford’s free app development courses are awesome. If you’re interested in making an app for the iPhone or iPad, subscribe to their newly launched iOS 9 course on iTunes U.

Move TextExpander Snippets To Keyboard Maestro With This Script

Last week, the popular text expansion program, TextExpander, switched to a subscription model. Subsequently, a lot of people are jumping ship to other software. Programmer Ryan M created a script to bring your snippets over to Keyboard Maestro.

DirectX Creator's Tips For Hiring Coders Are Utterly Terrifying

Alex St. John is the creator of DirectX and founder of WildTangent. He’s an industry veteran that should be respected but his ideologies on work ethics and the expectations he has for game developers leaves something to be desired. According to him, game development is art, not a job, and developers shouldn’t be as concerned with stress, work-life balance or fair wages. We drill down on St. John’s views and examine his arguments.

Apple Updates Developer Portal With Guides On How To Make Great Apps

Last month, Google revamped its Android developer portal and now it’s Apple’s turn. The company has updated its App Store developer site, adding a new section to guide developers on how to make a great app that is profitable for iOS devices. Here are the details.

See All Of Google's Computer Science Education Tools And Programs In One Place

Google has launched a new education site, which gathers programming tools and other resources for you or perhaps your kid to learn computer science, a hot subject these days.

Make A Smart Scale With A Raspberry Pi And An Old Wii Balance Board

Smart scales that track your weight over time aren’t exactly pricey, but they’re kind of boring. If you have a dusty old Wii Balance Board and a Raspberry Pi sitting around, Initial State shows you how to build one that will dish out some snark with your weight tracking.

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