What The ABC Learned Converting Its Gallipoli Web Site Into Mobile Apps

Converting a multimedia-centric site into an app is challenging enough, but what happens when you want to roll that app out on multiple platforms? Here’s what the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) learned when it took just that approach for a major Anzac Day project.

Google Opens Docs, Sheets And Forms To All Developers

Google has been running a preview program to let developers build add-ons for its Docs, Sheets and Forms productivity tools since 2014. That option has now been opened up to all developers.

Learn Key Computer Science Concepts With These Everyday Analogies

What’s the difference between computer science and programming? How do you explain Big Data to a non-technical person? Sometimes, everyday analogies are better than the technical explanations. This list has 40 key computer science concepts simply explained.

What Google's Mobile Search Changes Actually Do

When you search Google on a mobile device, any website that is not mobile-friendly will be harder to find from today.

Do You Pronounce GUI 'Gee-Yu-Eye' Or 'Gooey'?

Yesterday, Lifehacker attended the Unified Communications Expo in London where assorted industry experts converge to discuss the future of collaborative business technology. As you’d expect, many of the presentations focused on new graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that aim to disrupt touch screens. During these speeches, we couldn’t help but notice an interesting anomaly — around half the presenters pronounced the aforementioned acronym “gee-yu-eye” while the other half plumped for “gooey”. Which do you prefer?

Microsoft Announces Visual Studio Partnership with Epic, Unity and Cocos2d

Microsoft may have long-retired XNA, its .NET-based game development framework, but it’s still very much supporting games developers. Last year it released the Community Edition of Visual Studio, essentially a “full version” of its programming IDE for hobbyist and professionals alike, as well as Unity Tools for Visual Studio. Now it’s partnered with Epic, Unity and Chukong Technologies (Cocos2d) to more deeply integrate these technologies into Visual Studio.

Code Kingdoms Teaches Kids JavaScript With A Puzzle Adventure Game

Web/iOS: A growing number of apps now are geared toward teaching kids to code because it’s a valuable skill to learn. Code Kingdoms is another such app, but it’s wrapped in a game that kids would most likely want to play anyway (programming lessons or not).

Use Google's Test To See If Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly

Google’s latest update to its search policies penalises sites that aren’t mobile-friendly. Make sure your site doesn’t fall down the rankings by checking it on Google’s own test site.

This Tool Generates Quotes For Your Freelance Projects

Being a freelancer means generating a lot of quotes for your work. This tool makes it easy. While it’s designed for web developers, it can easily be adapted to a variety of jobs.

Selfie Sticks Not Welcome At Apple's Developer Conference

Sorry developers — you’ll have to take your Tim-Cook-In-The-Distance-Selfies by hand this year if you get into Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), which has been announced as taking place from June 8.