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Microsoft Releases Update For Office Developer Tools For Visual Studio 2015

Microsoft has made its first update for Office Developer Tools For Visual Studio 2015 available along with a preview of some features developers can expect to see in the next round of improvements.

Android Studio 2.0. Lets Developers Build And Deploy Apps Faster

Google has released a preview of Android Studio 2.0., an integrated development environment (IDE) for making Android apps. The new version promises to help developers create and deploy apps faster. Here are the key features introduced in Android Studio 2.0.

Get This $US1188 JavaScript Developer Bundle For $US10.95

Sometimes Stack Exchange just isn’t enough for the budding coder — nothing beats a properly formulated course focusing on the skills and knowledge you need. Pocket-Lint currently has a good deal going for those in the process of improving their JavaScript abilities — 10 JS-related online courses, normally priced at over $US1100, for just $US11.

Dockercraft Lets You Manage Your Docker Containers Through Minecraft

The open source platform Docker popularised software containers and is loved by developers as it allows them bundle their code into a nice neat package and deploy it to production machines regardless of the environment. System administrators can also use Docker to build, manage and run applications in virtual containers. Now developers and sysadmins can have a bit of fun with Docker by managing their virtual containers through Minecraft with Dockercraft.

How To Launch A Successful Mobile App

Mobile devices and their application stores are the epitome of consumer ease, choice and product availability to date. People have the store in their pocket ever-available, the payment a password. The sheer volume of apps drives competition and perceived value into a great price tag. The ‘try this on for size’ version is almost, if not entirely, the full product. Upgrades? They’re free.

Teach Your Kids How To Code With Minecraft Or Star Wars Tutorials

Programming is a valuable skill for kids of all ages to pick up, and when they learn by playing with their favourite characters and games it’s even more fun. has two new tutorials that will appeal to many kids based on Minecraft and Star Wars.

Asm.js Will Soon Be Enabled By Default In Microsoft Edge

Microsoft may have lagged behind when it came to making Internet Explorer a competitive option compared to Chrome and Firefox, but with Edge it’s catching up — fast. The latest improvement is the implementation of asm.js into Edge’s Javascript engine, which came in a few months ago as an optional extra, but will soon be switched on by default.

From Newton To Einstein: The Origins Of General Relativity

One hundred years ago in November 1915, Albert Einstein presented to the Prussian Academy of Sciences his new theory of general relativity. It is fair to say the theory turned out to be a great success.

Behind The App: The Story Of Zombies, Run!

Look out behind you — the zombie apocalypse is upon us! In today’s popular media you can encounter zombies at every turn, but one of the most innovative uses of the zombie trope came from an app. Zombies, Run! uses a zombie survival story as a motivator for exercise.

What To Consider When Creating An Enterprise App

The enterprise app market is set to explode with Gartner expecting spending in this area to grow by 7.5 per cent, reaching US$149.9 billion by the end of the year. This figure is set to increasing to US$201 billion by 2019. That doesn’t mean every business-focused app will become a success story as the analyst firm’s research also shows organisations are becoming savvier in choosing which apps to adopt. Whether you’re an in-house developer or a third-party app maker, it is imperative to know the “dos and don’ts” for creating enterprise apps.

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