6-Month Old Critical Performance Bug With SourceTree Is Getting Attention

Atlassian’s SourceTree is one of the nicer front-ends for version control systems Git and Mercurial. It’s also free and open-source, the double-whammy of great qualities one wants in a piece of software. Unfortunately, as of version 1.6, the Windows build of the program has been crippled by an issue that causes constant freezes. The bug was reported back in August 2014, but as of late January, has yet to be fixed.

What I Wish I Knew When I Started My Career As A Software Developer

When you’re starting your career in any field, you probably have high hopes but don’t really know what to expect. Should you keep your head down and do what you’re told or should you aim only for ambitious projects? Here’s what I’ve learnt in my experience as a software developer.

How Microsoft Will Use Project Spartan To Finally Kill Internet Explorer

Microsoft yesterday officially confirmed its plans for Project Spartan, a new browser for Windows 10 that will run across PCs, tablets and phones. Now we have more details on how it plans to phase out the widely-used but little-loved Internet Explorer.

How To Talk To Programmers [Infographic]

Programmers can code in multiple languages, but that doesn’t mean that trying to brief them on a project is always a straightforward task. A nifty infographic from “information designer” Anna Vitals sums up some useful principles to adopt when dealing with developers.

Why Google Glass Failed (But Might Still Succeed)

The announcement that Google is to halt sales of its Google Glass augmented-reality spectacles has been interpreted by some people as the end of a pilot project and the start of a new phase of product development, or by others as indicative of failure.

Frequent App Updates Mean You'll Make More Money

Making money from apps isn’t easy. One less obvious challenge? Frequent updates to your app will contribute to better ratings — but that also means even more development time.

Learn How To Use Git With Online, Hands-On Tutorials

Last year we pointed you in the direction of a cheat sheet for Git, the robust, yet somewhat intimidating version control system that has many uses outside of software projects. If you’re still not comfortable giving it a try, there are a number of online resources that allow you to get your hands dirty without even touching a real command line.

Microsoft Moves Roslyn To GitHub

Last year, Microsoft made its Roslyn .NET compiler project open source. While it was originally hosted on Microsoft’s own CodePlex site, Microsoft has now shifted it to GitHub.

Hack.pledge() Connects Mentors With People Who Want To Learn To Code

Two of the best ways to learn anything are having a mentor and trying to teach someone else. If you’d like to learn to code or have programming skills to share, hack.pledge() will help you give or get a free hour of mentoring in software development.

Another Reminder That Selling Apps Will Not Make You Money

In our discussion of how Apple makes money from developers, we pointed out that revenues from in-app purchases are much more important than the money that comes from selling the apps themselves. Here’s further proof on that point, this time from a Windows Phone perspective.