This Graphic Translates Web Design Feedback Into Plain English

We’ve all heard stories of people who look at a website mockup and say something like “It needs more pop!” or “Make it sleeker” without being specific about what they’re looking for. It can be a pain, but this tongue-firmly-in-cheek graphic translates those phrases to language you can actually use.

How To Embed A Google Street View Map

Want to incorporate some Google Street View imagery into a site? It’s now no further than a click away.

Android Studio Hits Version 1.0, Now Has A Release Candidate

Android Studio has been in beta since its 0.1.0 release back in May 2013. As of October this year, it’s reached the lofty version number of 0.8.14 and while that’s the official build, if you poke a little further you’ll discover that a release candidate for v1.0 is now available for curious Android developers.

SourceLair IDE Lives In Your Browser And Shares With GitHub

Downloading advanced development software is the best option for professional and enthusiast developers. However, beginners and hobbyist developers might prefer SourceLair. There’s no installation required, multiple languages are supported, and it integrates with GitHub.

View Source Shows HTML, JavaScript And CSS Source In Safari On iOS

iOS: If you’re a web developer, checking out the source code behind a website is a common task. View Source is an iOS app that allows you to do it on any page and includes handy syntax highlighting that makes it easy to find what you need.

Which Programming Languages Earn You The Highest Salary?

If you can’t decide which programming language to learn, knowing how much you might earn could be useful information. A ranking of popular language choices puts Ruby on Rails in the top spot.

What Inbox Taught Google About Developing For Multiple Mobile Platforms

Having to maintain apps on more than one platform is a major pain for developers. When building its new Inbox app, Google came up with some interesting strategies to maximise the amount of code reuse it could achieve.

Gamification Works Best With Individual Goals, Not Collective Ones

Gamification — using game-like techniques to offer rewards for achievement — is an increasingly popular technique to help engage employees and encourage them to use apps. While you can use it to help achieve business goals, you can’t make those goals the actual point of the game-like experience.

Keep This Java Cheat Sheet On Hand While You're Learning To Code

If you’re looking to learn a programming language that’s cross-platform and easily accessible, Java is one of the most practical languages out there. This handy cheat sheet helps you keep track of the basics while learn.

The Tech Skills And Courses Google Recommends For Software Engineers

Software engineering is one of the most in-demand and best paying careers, but learning computer science can also pay off even if you don’t do it professionally. Google has a guide to the courses and experiences future software engineers should consider.