Lessons About AWS

It’s almost a given that after completing a major project that you’ll wish you had done something differently. A recent post by Rich Adams at Weblinks covers a bunch of rookie errors and advanced options that will help you optimise your AWS deployment.

Cloud Patches: AWS & Heartbleed, Azure Goes Multi-Forest

Last week in cloud computing: how Amazon Web Services (AWS) dealt with Heartbleed, and how Azure is extending its directory capabilities.

When Azure Breaks: Lessons For Every Cloud Programmer

Microsoft’s Azure cloud service aims for near-perfect uptime, but that doesn’t mean it is immune from major disasters. Here are some examples of the mistakes Microsoft has made that have caused Azure to temporarily break, and the lessons you can learn as a developer no matter what cloud platform you deploy.

Cloud Patches: WorkSpaces Down Under, Azure Shifts Monitoring Nodes

Last week in cloud computing: AWS announced a stack of new features in Australia, while Azure shifted its monitoring nodes.

How Amazon's Data Centres Aren't As Green As They Could Be

Environmental group Greenpeace has slammed Amazon for its environmental practices in its latest report on the green credentials of the technology industry. Greenpeace is concerned that Amazon Web services, which provides infrastructure for much of the internet, continues to run its data centres with dirty fuel.

Amazon CloudTrail Coming To Sydney Region In May

When Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched its API tracking service CloudTrail last November, it was only available for US regions. Australian customers will finally get a crack at the service shortly, with chief technology officer Dr Werner Vogels telling attendees at this week’s AWS Summit that it will be launched for the Sydney region “next month”.

Bees And Monkeys: 5 Cloud Lessons NAB Learned From AWS

National Australia Bank (NAB) has used Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide more reliable development and hosting processes for its online services. Here are the key lessons it learned as it moved key banking systems into the cloud.

Cloud Patches: Azure Updates Aplenty, Elastic Beanstalk Goes Ruby 2.0

Last week in cloud computing: updates galore for Azure coinciding with the Build 2014 conference; AWS Elastic Beanstalk adds Ruby 2.0 support.

HP's Wireless Access Points Let You Prioritise Lync

HP rolled out new software-defined networking (SDN) tools and hardware this week, including access point upgrades and a new solution for managing hybrid cloud networks. The element that particularly caught our attention? The ability to manage traffic so that communications from Microsoft Lync receive higher priority.

Cloud Patches: AWS Workspaces For All, Azure In China

Last week in cloud computing: a stack of AWS announcements from price cuts to Workspaces availability. Plus Azure in China and general cloud cluelessness down under.