Lifehacker Awards 2014: Nominate Your Favourite Cloud Computing Provider

Today’s round of Lifehacker Awards 2014 nominations kicks off with an IT pro bent: who is the best cloud computing provider?

Why Government IT Often Sucks And How To Fix It, By Malcolm Turnbull

Dimension Data today officially launched its Canberra managed cloud platform, which will provide a government-only cloud option for departments that need a high degree of data sovereignty. That gave Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull an opportunity to sound off on how governments could deliver IT services better — and he didn’t hold back.

Cloud Patches: AppStream Covers Windows, StorSimple Arrives In Australia

Last week in cloud computing: Amazon AppStream can now stream just about any Windows application to just about any device (but not in Sydney), Azure StorSimple arrives in Australia, and more cloud news.

Future Cloud Jobs Are About Vendor Management, Not Tech Skills

In a world where a single provider can rarely handle every possible IT challenge, hybrid cloud is the inevitable outcome. If you work in IT, that means that skills in juggling multiple vendors are likely to be more important than technology platform knowledge.

Cloud Patches: AWS re:Invent 2014 Roundup, Azure SDK 2.5

Last week in cloud computing: all the news from AWS re:Invent 2014 (so many new services!), while Azure SDK 2.5 and Deploy to Azure hit the virtual streets.

Rackspace Weighing Plans For Microsoft Cloud In Sydney Data Centre

Yesterday Rackspace announced plans to offer full access to Microsoft’s cloud platform in its US data centres. But will we get that option in Rackspace’s Australian data centre in Sydney?

Watch A Timelapse Video Of A Telstra Data Centre Being Constructed

Building a data centre from scratch isn’t easy. This video shows the construction of Telstra’s new data centre in Clayton, Melbourne over a period of months.

Cloud Patches: AWS DevOps Engineer, Azure Event Hubs

Last week in cloud computing: AWS added a new DevOps certification and cut prices on some WorkSpaces bundles, while Azure launched Event Hubs and added support managing social accounts to Active Directory.

Why 'Cloud First' Is Harder Than It Sounds

The Australian government’s all about the cloud, with the Attorney-General and Ministers for Finance and Communications announcing their “cloud first” policy last month:

Cloud Computing Won't Save You From Up-Front Spending

One of the oft-discussed advantages of cloud computing is that it eliminates the need to spend large amounts of money at the commencement of an IT project. But as cloud workloads become more complex, that’s becoming somewhat less true.