If You're Not On IPv6, It Could Cost You A Fortune

We’ve long known that the pool of IPv4 addresses was near exhaustion — and as Tim Chown explains, that now means you’ll soon pay dearly if you’re not ready to shift to IPv6.

Why You Shouldn't Try To Humblebrag In A Job Interview

Humblebragging is notoriously obnoxious, but it feels necessary sometimes. For example, in a job interview, we’re often told to answer the dreaded “what’s your biggest weakness” question with something sly, such as “I’m too much of a perfectionist.” People see through this. It’s better to either be honest about your bragging or be open about your weaknesses.

Microsoft Is Cracking Down On All Those Crappy Windows Store Apps

Microsoft ranks a distant third in smartphone market share, so it needs to do everything it can to encourage developers to build for Windows Phone. However, it also needs to ensure that its app selection isn’t filled with low-value crud — and starting from today, it’s apparently going to be a lot pickier about which apps are allowed in the Windows Store.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott Thinks Teaching Coding To Kids Means Sending Them To Work At Age 11

There’s a shortage of skilled developers in Australia. But when Prime Minister Tony Abbott was asked in Parliament yesterday if the government would commit to teaching coding at primary level, his response was nonsensical and unhelpful.

Add Work Samples To Your LinkedIn Profile For More Exposure

LinkedIn is a great way to show off your professional chops, but with so many online profiles, you want to make sure yours stands out when you’re looking for work. One easy way to do this? Add media to your profile.

Why Sharing Your Success Is Perceived As Bragging

Imagine you just received a great bit of news at work — a promotion, pay rise, new car, an acceptance letter from the top journal in your field. If you are like me, you would probably like to open your door or pick up your phone and share your happiness with co-workers and friends. But research that colleagues and I have recently carried out suggested you should think twice.

How To Choose The Best Smartphone Office Suite For Your Small Business

The days of only using desktop software are long gone. There’s plenty of choice in the smartphone-capable space, but which suite should you choose?

How Microsoft Is Bringing Windows 10 Features, Including Cortana, To Android And iOS

When Windows 10 appears, it will run across both PCs and phones — but the majority of us aren’t about to dump our existing smartphones to use it. Microsoft’s newly-announced “phone companion” apps for Android and iOS will offer a subset of Windows 10 features, including its Cortana voice-powered assistant.

How To Avoid Server Sprawl With Docker

When virtualisation was first mainstreamed, it changed the way we managed the server room. We saved money by consolidating servers into larger virtual hosts. Hardware-related downtime dropped because we could afford to spend money on redundancy and quality. Even mundane issues such as rack space and datacenter air conditioning became less of an expense. As system administrators, we could suddenly “create” a new server out of thin air.

What Men And Woman Actually Get Paid At Australia's Biggest Companies

Salaries vary widely, but there’s one truth that’s still sadly universal: women get paid less for the same work. How does that play out for IT workers in Australia’s biggest companies?