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Why You Should Avoid The Word 'Fair' In Salary Negotiations

Asking for a raise can be tricky. You have to approach the conversation in the right way, and as Lee E. Miller, co-author of A Woman’s Guide to Successful Negotiating points out, that means you probably want to leave out the word “fair”.

Eight Things I Learned At TEDxSydney 2016

TEDx is an annual program that’s all about sharing concepts, spreading ideas and sparking conversations in the community. This year’s programme included a diverse and eclectic array of speakers, ranging from quantum physicist Michael J. Biercuk to Mongolian folk singer Bukhchuluun Ganburged. Here are ten things we learned during the event.

Could Nokia's Death Lead To The Demise Of Microsoft?

PayPal is the latest company to ditch support for “fringe” phone operating systems: Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Amazon’s Fire OS. This decision comes on the heels of Microsoft’s announcement of getting rid of a further 1850 jobs; mostly from the remnants of its acquisition of Nokia. It was the latest terrible business decision from a company that is fighting its slow slide to irrelevance…

Kaspersky Lab Warns Against Charging Smartphones Over USB

Pretty much everybody uses USB cables, be it at home or at work. Charging smartphones over USB is extremely convenient but security vendor Kaspersky Lab cautions that not every USB port is safe to use. The company noted that attackers can steal files and infect smartphones with malware over unsafe USB connections. Here’s what you need to know.

Career Spotlight: What I Do As An Executive Body Guard

Private security is no joking matter for people who might be targeted by criminals or overzealous fans. But it’s not just celebrities who need security protection; high-ranking corporate business people can face threats too, as well as wealthy individuals regardless of their fame.

360 Million MySpace Accounts Have Been Leaked Online

Remember MySpace? It was the place people went to carve out garish online identities before Facebook made everything clean and homogeneous. If you used to have an account, there’s a pretty good chance that your login details have been hacked: LeakedSource is boasting it has the passwords for over 360 million MySpace accounts. (That’s a lot of shrines to bad ’90s bands and angsty teen poetry.)

The Real Reason More Women Don't Code

I menstruate, and I code. I share this perhaps shocking personal information in the interest of full disclosure, and in solidarity with a new satirical campaign from Girls Who Code. The campaign proposes a simple explanation for the current low numbers of women in tech: that our hormonal cycles interfere with our ability to code.

FairyGodboss Offers Women A Place To Review And Discuss Employers

Asking about tough topics like workplace equality can be tough during a job interview. You want to do everything you can to make the interview go well, but you also need to know if a company’s culture is right for you. FairyGodboss can help you scope out potential employers through the reviews left by other women who work or have worked at the companies you’re considering.

Killer Interview Question: Tell Me About The People On Your Team

On the surface, this week’s KIQ wants to know if you’re a team player, but what it really wants to do is measure your emotional intelligence.

Microsoft Reconsiders Reflection, Serialisation Changes For .NET Core

The idea behind .NET Core was to reimplement the .NET Framework as an open source, cross-platform project that could operate better in “resource-constrained environments”. As with anything rebuilt “from scratch”, Microsoft wanted to use the opportunity to clean-up the framework, though in its streamlining attempts, it may have cut out a little too much.

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