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Killer Interview Question: How Did You Spend Your Weekend?

We’re often told to keep our personal and work lives separate. This week’s KIQ goes against this line of thinking.

Mozilla's Pushes Multi-Process Firefox Back To Next Year

Switching an application from single to multi-process is no small undertaking, especially with a project the size of Firefox. Despite Mozilla’s best intentions to get “Electrolysis”, the codename for its project to make its browser multi-process, into 43, the implementation has been pushed back to 2016 for version 46 at the earliest.

Deus Sex Machina: The Ethics Of Robot Love

There was to have been a conference in Malaysia last week called Love and Sex with Robots but it was cancelled after Malaysian police branded it “illegal” and “ridiculous”. “There is nothing scientific about sex with robots,” said a police chief. However, others believe there are many interesting and important aspects of intimate robot partners that are worth researching and discussing.

The Raspberry Pi Zero Is A $19 Computer The Size Of A Stick Of Gum

The Raspberry Pi has long been one of the best credit card sized computers, but today a new version is available that comes in at about the size of a stick of gum. Plus, it’s only $19.38.

HP Announces Two ProLiant Servers For SMBs

In December, HP Enterprise will be launching two new servers for SMBs that have to deal with multiple workloads: the ProLiant DL20 Gen9 and the ProLiant ML30 Gen9. Here’s the information HP has released about the new offerings so far.

2000 Images Of My Little Ponies (And Other Tales Of IT Revenge)

We asked for your best IT and computer-based revenge pranks — you answered. You are all a bunch of brilliant bastards.

How To Decide Which Applications To Retire In Your Organisation

It’s not uncommon for companies to have a plethora of enterprise apps, but not all of them may be useful. It’s a good idea to take a closer look at your organisations catalogue of apps and cut down the numbers. There are two metrics you can use to help you decide which apps to cull.

How To Get Everyone On Board When Digitising Your Office

We live in an increasingly connected economy. Customers, colleagues and suppliers are spread across the globe — all connected through information. Tied to this connectivity is an increasing demand for mobility and growing amounts of business information that needs to be shared, processed, stored, indexed and searched. As such, nearly 80 per cent of companies are looking at using less paper and digitising parts (or even all) of their business.

New Ransomware Variant Targeting Linux Web Servers

Cybercrime has cost Australians $1.5 billion and the rise in ransomware attacks has contributed to that figure. While ransomware is known to target personal computers, holding data on those machines hostage and demanding ransom, this kind of attack is being used by criminals to go after websites as well. Linux web servers are now being targeted by a new variant of ransomware.

Google's TensorFlow Could Be A Game-Changer In The Future Of AI

The development of smarter and more pervasive artificial intelligence (AI) is about to shift into overdrive with the announcement by Google that TensorFlow, its second-generation machine-learning system, will be made available free to anyone who wants to use it. This has the potential to shape the future of artificial intelligence (AI).

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