How The Experts Protect Themselves Online (Compared To Everyone Else)

If you ask the average person what the best ways to protect themselves online are, they will give some true answers — but they will likely be different than the answers you’d get from a security researcher. Here’s the difference.

Talk Out Loud When Answering Interview Questions

If you’re hit with a Killer Interview Question as part of a job interview, the temptation is to clam up in order to stop making an idiot of yourself. What may be more productive in terms of securing a new job is to keep talking out loud.

You May Be Able To Selectively Update Windows 10

Windows 10 updates will be mandatory — except when they won’t. Microsoft’s added another tool to make some Windows 10 updates that bit more optional.

Which State Has The Biggest ICT Jobs Growth Rate?

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) has released new research that breaks down the yearly ICT jobs growth rate per state between 2014 to 2020. While NSW currently has the largest ICT workforce nationally, employing 215,576 people in the ICT sector during 2014, it’s projected ICT job growth rate per year is just 2.1 percent, which is under the national average of 2.5 percent per annum.

How To Stop HiPPOs Trampling On Your IT Projects

Hippos are one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. When it comes to getting IT projects off the ground, “HiPPOs” can be just as lethal. Here’s how to tame the high-level execs in your company who get in the way of your work.

Interstitial App Install Pesters Don't Work

If you’re designing a mobile page and you have an app for the site, the temptation to throw that detail into the reader’s face is rather compelling. The app is better and the readers will appreciate it, right?

How To Choose The Right Storage For Your Business

Reliable storage is essential for every business. We examine the available options and explain the issues to check.

I'm Spandas Lui, Lifehacker's New IT Reporter

Greetings! I’m the brand-spanking new journalist for Lifehacker’s IT Pro section. I’ll be dedicated to bringing you news and advice across all things enterprise IT, plus pieces here and there for the Work and Life categories. But first, let me tell you a little about myself.

Are We Getting Better Or Worse At Security?

During an exclusive Q and A with RSA‘s President Amit Yoran, we wanted to find out whether the infosec industry was getting better at fighting off adversaries and stemming the tide of mega-breaches and other security incidents.

Killer Interview Question: How Do You Deal With A Bomb With 90 Seconds On The Timer?

Another entry in the list of killer interview questions: You work on the 60th floor of 100 story building. You walk into your office and find a bomb sitting on your desk. It reads 90 seconds and is counting down. What do you do?