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How to Limit Who Can Reply to Your Tweets

iOS: Twitter users can now limit who can reply to their tweets using the iOS app — and here’s hoping this feature rolls out to Android and the web in the near future. It’s that helpful when it comes to limiting the potential for harassment on that cursed website.

Why Am I Locked Out of My Netflix Account?

Living in quarantine for the past however many months — how long has it been, anyhow? — I can think of few things worse than what happened to one Lifehacker reader recently. No, they didn’t get coronavirus. That would definitely be the worst-case scenario. They did, however, get locked out…

If You Won’t Wear a Mask to Stop Coronavirus, How About Surveillance?

Facial recognition technology raises ethical dilemmas and privacy concerns. Is it ok that our phones, computers, and social media apps not only recognise us, but also collect and store data about our faces? These concerns grow as the tech becomes more accurate, and more government agencies, private businesses, and advertising…