VMware Pans Microsoft's New Azure Migrate Service

Image: Microsoft

Last week, Microsoft announced a solution for customers wanting to run VMware on their Azure platform. Azure Migrate has launched as a free service that discovers all the VMware workloads on your network and migrates them to Microaoft's cloud. But VMware says this is an unsupported solution and customers should be wary.

Microsoft is a much more open company these days which is why Azure Migrate isn't all that surprising. It makes sense for them to give people an option to move VMware workloads to their cloud.

VMware has responded and isn't happy, saying no VMware-certified partner names have been mentioned, no partners collaborated with VMware in creating the new service and that Azure Migrate has been developed independent of VMware, and is not certified or supported.

Of course, VMware's announcement of a deal to offer VMware on AWS, its partnership to offer VMware on the cloud with IBM and numerous other service provider partnerships probably has nothing to do with this.

Microsoft's strategy here is simple. VMware has been the leading enterprise virtualisation platform for a long time. Azure is emerging as a strong option for those looking to move workloads to the cloud. But one of the hurdles many companies face is that compatibility with Azure is stopping VMware customers from migrating.

VMware has a bunch of commercial arrangements in place for customers wanting to move to the cloud and Microsoft wants a piece of the action. They could either negotiate with VMware for that to happen or go rogue and do it themselves.

The big question for enterprises looking at this is whether a lack of support from VMware is a dealbreaker and whether Microsoft can offer a level of support that makes the lack of direct VMware support a non-issue.

What do you think? Is this new offering from Microsoft a winner or are VMware's concerns real?


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