VMware Unveils Workspace One To Unify Device And App Management

VMware has launched a digital workspace platform called Workplace One that aggregates the management of all devices, applications and services into a single identity for each employee within an organisation. This is aimed at making it easier for enterprise IT departments to securely manage digital assets as workers become more mobile and transient. Here are the details.

The prevailing attitude, especially among younger workers, is that no job is permanent and we're now seeing employees entering a new workplace with the mindset of leaving in a few short years. Compounded by the growth of mobility and a shift towards flexible working arrangements, it makes the lives of IT departments that look after end-user computing all the more difficult.

While the common approach is to try and manage users at a device level by locking down computers and smartphones used for work, VMware's approach is to address management of employees at an identity level first. With Workspace One, once a user has been authenticated, they are assigned a digital workspace in which their digital assets will be managed by IT departments.

"We have for a while been talking in terms of both how to manage the device and how to manage end-user apps, so we've unified that to make Workplace One, which focuses on how you deliver the right apps at the right time to any device to a digital employee," VMware director for business mobility and end-user computing in Australia and New Zealand Andrew Fox told Lifehacker Australia.

Apps and services can be delivered to any compatible computing device according to a user's assigned digital workspace regardless of whether it's an employee's personal smartphone or a corporate owned computer.

VMware Workspace One will be offered in standard, advanced and enterprise editions with prices starting at US$8 per user per month for cloud subscriptions and $US150 per user for on-premises perpetual licenses.

You can find out more over at the official webpage for Workspace One.


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