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iOS: One of my favourite parts of travelling is having the opportunity to learn about new areas. I’m not really a guidebook person, so I typically rely on tidbits of info from walking tours, plaques on the side of the street, and conversations with people I meet to string together info about an area.

This week I came across an app called WikiCompass that I think is likely to also make it into my travel app arsenal.


You can eat pizza for a living, if you’re good enough at it — and if you work hard and get to know everyone in the pizza business. Scott Wiener turned his love of pizza into Scott’s Pizza Tours, a growing business conducting food tours by foot and by bus in Manhattan.

In this video episode of How I Work, we shadowed him for a day and learned how he chooses locations, trains tour guides and makes industry connections, doing his work out of pizza shops and carting supplies around on his bike.