Experience A New City Through The Eyes Of A Local With This Service

Experience A New City Through The Eyes Of A Local With This Service

One of my favourite parts of travelling is meeting new people and exploring new cultures where I am. When you don’t know where to go to meet those people or have those unique cultural experiences, then things can get a little difficult.

To reach that goal, I’m a huge fan of doing food tours in new cities (you get to meet people, take a walking tour, and get lunch!) and staying at Airbnbs over hotels. If you’re on the hunt for those types of experiences the app With Locals can also be a useful thing to have in your arsenal.

If You Love To Travel, You Need These Apps

In addition to the stress of packing, the stress of making sure you have every electronic device securely stowed somewhere, the stress of remembering every cable you'll need to keep your devices charged during your trip, and the stress of making sure your pets are fed and your plants are watered, there's also the apps.

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With the service, you can book things such as food tours as well as shopping excursions, and nights out at local clubs.

Everything is booked with a local tour guide which in some cases is someone that runs tours professionally all the time, and in others is just an individual using the service to make a little extra cash while connecting with travellers in their area.

Just like other tour sites, the tours all have reviews. Unlike some other tour sites, the individual tour guides on the site also have reviews and you can choose which guide you’re interested in spending the day with.

From my searches, the app has a lot more availability in European destinations than it does in US ones, but it could be a great jumping off point when you’re trying to plan a big adventure.

Another good place to look is actually Airbnb. It launched its Experiences feature last year and offers some similar excursions and experiences around the world that are operated by Airbnb hosts.