Emily in Paris Season 4’s Release Date Is Coming up Quickly

Emily in Paris Season 4’s Release Date Is Coming up Quickly

Everyone’s favourite guilty pleasure is coming in for another season. Yes, folks, Emily in Paris is back for Season 4. Following a cliffhanger ending, everyone is excited to see where things go next, so let’s cut as many corners as we can and find out what’s happening in Emily in Paris Season 4.

Emily in Paris Season 4: Release date and time

The new season of Emily in Paris, like so many of Netflix’s releases lately, will be split across two parts.

Part One of Season 4 will drop on August 15, and Part Two will arrive on September 12.

We don’t have exact release times right now, but we can expect new episodes of Emily in Paris to drop at a similar time to Netflix’s other releases, which would be:

  • 5:00 pm AEST
  • 4:30 pm ACST
  • 3:00 pm AWST

How many episodes are in Emily in Paris Season 4?

Expect Emily in Paris to be a quick binge when it drops in its two halves. Each part will contain five episodes, meaning there are ten in total to get through in Season 4.

Cast and characters in Emily in Paris

emily in paris season 4
Image: Netflix

Emily in Paris stars Lily Collins as the titular Emily, a North American woman who is seconded to a marketing firm in Paris to provide her U.S. perspective.

You also have Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Emily’s French boss and nemesis, Sylvia Grateua, and Ashley Park as her best friend Mindy Chen. Lucas Bravo stars as Gabriel, chef, neighbour and love interest to Emily, while Lucien Laviscount fills out the other point of the love triangle as Emily’s on-again-off-again boyfriend, Alfie.

Camille Razat plays Camille, Gabriel’s girlfriend, and Samuel Arnold and Bruno Gouery return as comic duo and friends Julien and Luc. Lastly, we also have William Abadie as Antoine Lambert, the owner of a perfume company who is a longstanding client to the marketing firm (and also happens to be having an affair with Emily’s boss, Sylvie).

Emily in Paris Season 4 trailer

We don’t have an official trailer for Emily in Paris yet, but with the release date quickly approaching in August, expect to see one soon.

What we do have is this video of the cast describing Emily in Paris Season 4 in a few words, which will have to suffice for now.

What is happening in Season 4?

emily in paris season 4
Image: Netflix

Ok, so first thing is first, when Emily in Paris Season 4 returns, it will simply have to address what went down at Gabriel and Camille’s wedding. The duo had a high-speed run to the altar in just a couple of episodes, only to have Camille say, “I don’t”. After proclaiming that Gabriel and Emily are in love with each other, something that has been plain as day for all us viewers, Camille refused to marry him and left him at the altar.

Naturally, this complicated things for Emily and Alfie, with the latter hearing Camille’s words and deciding he could no longer be with Emily; encouraging her to chase Gabriel.

We also learned that Camille is pregnant with Gabriel’s child, so that will certainly complicate the romance prospects for him and Emily this season.

As for what we know will happen this season, Emily and Gabriel will be working towards gaining a Michelin star for the restaurant and Mindy and her band are fundraising for Eurovision.

Emily will also be taking an adventure outside of Paris, taking a holiday to Italy at some point in the season, which has been teased as a “Roman holiday”.

Where to watch the new season of Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris Season 4 will be available to stream on Netflix in Australia and globally.

Are all seasons of Emily in Paris on Netflix?

As Emily in Paris is a Netflix original you will indeed find all the existing three seasons streaming on the platform as well. There are ten episodes per season, so get binging!

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