How To Make Stock That Isn’t Bland Nonsense

Stock is the backbone of so many recipes. Whether it’s used as a cooking liquid for rice or beans, or as the base of a soup or gravy, the quality of your stock influences the quality of your final dish. Though it isn’t hard to make, there are a few…

Add Non-Turkey Bones To Your Turkey Stock

Add Non-Turkey Bones To Your Turkey Stock

When you’re cooking Turkey, one thing you can work on immediately (and then freeze) is your stock. This may seem boring, but stock is the backbone of many Thanksgiving dishes, most notably stuffing and gravy.

Use Chicken Feet For The Richest Possible Stock

A good chicken stock is more than chicken-flavored water. Though you should aim for your stock to be flavorful, a good one should also be rich and mouth-coating, with a body that just won’t quit. This, my friends, is why you should make your stock with chicken feet.