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It's Olympics season, so we're ready to talk about the Winter X Games, baby! Specifically the Games from '05 to '11, when skier Grete Eliassen won six medals in slopestyle and halfpipe. Since January 2017 she's been president of the Women's Sports Foundation, which ensures women's access to sports programs. We asked her about how she gets her work done.


There are still a few weeks for ski enthusiasts to take advantage of the winter skill. If you're sick of hitting the same Aussie slopes, New Zealand has a brace of decent deals on at the moment -- but to make it worthwhile, you need to save money on flights. Here's when you need to book to get the best bang for buck.


The white stuff is finally falling in the Snowies and Alpine types are getting ready to strap on their boots and skis and head for the slopes. But sitting in an office one day and plummeting down a mountainside the next is asking for injury. Experts recommend six weeks of preparation, so here's how to get thighs of iron and buns of steel and get the most out your winter holiday.