Steps Gives You Daily Tasks To Help Deal With Social Anxiety

iOS: Social anxiety can be debilitating, and even if you don’t struggle with it completely, you probably still deal with some symptoms every now and then. If you have trouble leaving your comfort zone, Steps is a free app that can help you do it one task at a time.

Overcome Shyness With ‘Radical Implosion’

Shyness isn’t a lifelong personality trait. Learning to talk to strangers is a skill you can acquire. Want to know how Conan O’Brien and Will Ferrell got over their shyness? Using a technique called “radical implosion”.

Be More Charismatic By Treating New Friends Like Old Ones

Hitting it off with new people can be quite a challenge for some of us. When you don’t know someone, there’s a barrier of awkwardness between you. Charismatic people are able to break that barrier. One shortcut for doing this is to think of someone new you meet as an…