• Ask LH: Do Any Telcos Offer Shaping On Their Mobile Plans?

    Hey Lifehacker, I have friends with two young teenagers (11 and 13) who are screaming for their own mobile phones. The parents are concerned about cost overruns, particularly with data limits. What they are looking for is a plan (preferably pre-paid) that has a “real” data limit. If the use gets to that limit then…

  • ACCC To Push For Better ISP Disclosures About Shaping

    We told you back in September that the ACCC was taking Optus to court over whether its shaping policies for broadband plans were adequately disclosed in advertising. Yesterday, the Federal Court found against Optus, and the ACCC says it will continue to pursue companies that don’t make their broadband policies transparent.

  • Finding An ISP That Shapes To 128Kbps

    f you regularly find yourself getting “shaped” at the end of each month as you use up your monthly download limit, there are options out there that are faster than 64Kbps — but it pays to read the fine print.