Internode Ups Shaping Rate On Extreme Plans

Internode Ups Shaping Rate On Extreme Plans

Shaping an Internet connection to lower the speed is a common tactic by ISPs to control pricing, and the shaped speed is almost invariably 64Kbps. Internode has upped the ante on its ADSL2+ Extreme offerings by shifting its shaping rate to 128Kbps on home plans and 512Kbps on business plans.

The change is part of a general revamp of the company’s Extreme plans, which includes the addition of a $29.95 entry level plan. 128Kbps shaping isn’t completely new to the market, but does tend to be restricted to business plans and is occasionally the subject of a major announcement stuff-up.

Know of another good-value plan that includes 128Kbps shaping? Tell us in the comments.



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