Internode Ups Shaping Rate On Extreme Plans

Shaping an Internet connection to lower the speed is a common tactic by ISPs to control pricing, and the shaped speed is almost invariably 64Kbps. Internode has upped the ante on its ADSL2+ Extreme offerings by shifting its shaping rate to 128Kbps on home plans and 512Kbps on business plans.

The change is part of a general revamp of the company's Extreme plans, which includes the addition of a $29.95 entry level plan. 128Kbps shaping isn't completely new to the market, but does tend to be restricted to business plans and is occasionally the subject of a major announcement stuff-up.

Know of another good-value plan that includes 128Kbps shaping? Tell us in the comments.



    Beat 1mpbs capping
    <3 TPG

      Did i mention all plans uploads not counted
      and 120 gb download limit?
      But some people claim its unreliable

        It's actually 130GB at the moment, you should update your plan with them. I've never had an issue with TPG, it has the occasional down time every month or so, but what provider doesn't have that?

      Isn't shaping for their Super Fast Premium 4Mbps/1Mbps??? Can't beat that!!!

    "the one caveat to note with the Extreme plans is that it includes both uploads and downloads when calculating monthly usage."

    That's not correct. *ONLY* Easy-broadband plans count uploads.

      D'oh! Mangled plans from Internode starting with E in my head. Fixed now.

    It should be worth correcting Extreme plans don't count uploads.

    iiNet's business plans also have 128kbps shaping.

      Also any home5 or greater plan has 128k shaping.

    This has to be a good thing for VoIP users..
    I've made VoIP calls whilst shaped at 64kbps and it isn't pretty, but at least the call can be made.. At 128kbps, I reckon call quality would be fine..

      Internode have never ever shaped VOIP calls. Ever! Cheers now.

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