See How AI Racially Stereotypes You

See How AI Racially Stereotypes You

Computers think they know who you are. Artificial intelligence algorithms can recognise objects from images, even faces. But we rarely get a peek under the hood of facial recognition algorithms. Now, with ImageNet Roulette, we can watch an AI jump to conclusions. Some of its guesses are funny, others… racist.

Don’t Be A ‘Reply Guy’

When I first started writing on the internet (for the now defunct xoJane) my comments sections and Twitter mentions were mostly filled with wonderful, supportive women and non-binary people. There would be the occasional angry man in my inbox, but writing about food for a woman-focused website meant I didn’t…

Use The Bechdel Test To Break Out Of Your Netflix Rut

The almighty recommendation algorithm works in mysterious ways, and not always for the best. If your Netflix homepage has become an echo chamber, a little change in perspective could help you find your new favourite movie.