How To Schedule An Email Reply

How To Schedule An Email Reply

How many people out there are still using AOL Mail? I assumed it was all of three people, but apparently there’s still a considerable number of you clinging to your accounts. Do you hope AOL will make a grand resurgence one day? Are you nostalgic for the sounds of…

Do You Really Need A Rest Day After Exercise?

Rest days are a standard part of exercise programs, but they’re not the only way to avoid overworking yourself. Let’s look at the difference between rest and recovery, and when you can bend the rules.

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The Medical Screenings All Women Need, And When

No matter how fast medicine moves us towards treatments, preventive medicine will always be the most effective and cheapest way to keep healthy. In this post, we’ll run down some common women’s health screening tests, when you should get them, and what you’re in for when you walk in.