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One of the benefits to running Magisk Manager on your rooted Android smartphone is that Magisk can hide root access from specific apps, which is helpful if an app won’t start because it detects you’ve messed with your device. However, some apps — such as Pokemon GO — now check specifically for Magisk when running, which undermines one of the software’s best features.


Android Snapchat users have been waiting for a faster, more stable version of the popular social media app since the company first teased a big update back in 2017. The new build is finally nearing a full release, and some Android users can check out an Alpha version of the new Snapchat right now.

If you’re curious about what this new, speedier version of Snapchat is like — and don’t feel like waiting — here’s how to get it on your phone.

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Hidden in the Android Settings app is a secret menu called Developer Options that gives you access to all kinds of useful tools and tweaks. If you know how to uncover it, you can take advantage, and there are a handful of helpful things you can do. For example, you can transform the look of your phone and even fake your GPS location.