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Hi Lifehacker, I worked at the same company with the same manager for eight years before having a major falling out after I divorced his daughter. I couldn't stay working in the hostile environment and he refuses to be a referee for me. How do I explain the lack of a professional referee to potential employers? Thanks, Split Decision


It may be that, on the basis of a reference, you do not get the job or the scholarship or the finance for which you were applying. Given the wide application of defamation law in Australia, you'd expect to have some legal recourse in the event of an unfairly harsh reference. The reality is a bit different, however. We take a look at your options.


You know you're nearing the final stretch of an interview process (and that it's looking good for you) when a potential employer asks for references. If you're not prepared, though, you might be left scrambling at the last minute to find a good reference. Who do you ask and what's the best way to reach out?


Hey Lifehacker, When you're applying for a job, there is quite a bit of emphasis placed on your own references -- but no one seems to do a reference check on their potential bosses. If you were going to work for someone, wouldn't you want to know what management style that person had? Should I ask for references from my potential employer?


Dear Lifehacker, I work in a call centre for a large international company, and I've been recently thinking of moving on. I have been told by various employees and mangers that it is company policy that staff here cannot be contacted for a reference. It's very disappointing as I believe I have been a valuable employee and I'm sure my manager would give me a glowing reference if he were allowed.


Your professional network may be just as valuable a job hunting tool as your resume, but if you haven't kept it up to date and you're not in touch with the people you're closest to, now's the time to reach out. Use the "Layoff Test" to beef up your professional network and strengthen those bonds now, when you don't need anything from them but their friendship.