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The reception bars at the top corner of an iPhone generally tell you how good the signal is to make and receive calls. This only shows five levels so it's not the most accurate reflection of signal strength. Here's a simple trick to let you find out the exact level of reception you're getting on your iPhone.


Dear Lifehacker, Using my mobile, I have 3-bar service in my workshop until I close the doors, then there is none. Is there a cheaper way of dragging a bit of signal through the tin wall other than the expensive extender option? Would a passive repeater system work? Any thoughts?


Hi Lifehacker, My TV works fine except for Channel 7 -- the signal quality can drop for no apparent reason from 10 to 5 or even 3. This can happen at any time during the day but is most prevalent at night after 5pm. It's been a real problem ever since we went digital. Any suggestions?


Hi Lifehacker, I recently moved jobs to a Sydney skyscraper where the reception from an Optus-based carrier is less than stellar -- I have no data connection most of the time, and phone calls often don't come through. Colleagues on Telstra don't have these issues. Is there some way I can get out of my post-paid contract without paying exorbitant fees and move to Telstra?