Use A Spelling Alphabet When Your Phone Has Poor Reception

We're all victims of bad reception every now and then. Reddit user psychuil points out that spelling alphabets can be a useful way to convey your address or name when you have a bad line.

Spelling alphabets use a word for each letter (hence "A for Alpha, B for Bravo" and so on). They're especially useful for similar-sounding letters, such as M and N, but also handy if there's iffy reception on your phone. (They're often also referred to as "phonetic alphabets", as in the image above, but that term is better used for systems that describe how to pronounce a word.)

If you want to prepare ahead of time, the site linked below will convert text into a variety of widely-used spelling alphabets.

The Alphabet


    Pretty obvious. You should write an article on how legs can be used to walk.

      They can also be used for running I hear.

        But thats not all!

        Call in the next 20 minutes and you can use them for cycling and swimming at no extra cost!

        Bicycle and water not included.

        Last edited 31/10/12 11:43 am

      hahaha!! although this is rude, it's very funny! haha

    M as in Mancy.

    Seriously though, it's just a good habit to use these over the phone. Email addresses can be a complete pain in the rectal cavity and these helps quite a lot.

      Having an easy email address help too.

      I use First initial dot surname dot first and last initial @ gmail
      So if you name is John Smith you could probably get [email protected] or something close

    +1 for the Archer reference.

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