How To Switch Off Auto-Playing Previews In Netflix

How To Switch Off Auto-Playing Previews In Netflix

I’ve been waiting for this feature ever since I started watching Netflix, and I’m so thrilled this day has arrived. Netflix, finally bowing to popular demand, has released a feature that allows you to turn off all those damn autoplaying previews.

Fix This Mac Security Flaw By Deleting Your Quick Look Cache

A new, unpleasant report making the rounds today is a great reminder that your Mac’s Quick Look feature – useful as it might be for previewing files by mashing your space bar – stores information about the contents of encrypted USB drives you’ve connected to your system.

Seer Brings Mac-Like Preview Views To Windows

Windows: In OS X, you can select a file and press Space for a quick preview of it. You can’t do that in Windows — at least not without Seer, a free utility that gives you the same power. Tap the space bar to bring up an image, video or…