How To Switch Off Auto-Playing Previews In Netflix

How To Switch Off Auto-Playing Previews In Netflix
Screenshot: David Murphy

I’ve been waiting for this feature ever since I started watching Netflix, and I’m so thrilled this day has arrived. Netflix, finally bowing to popular demand, has released a feature that allows you to turn off all those damn autoplaying previews.

Better yet, you can change on a profile-by-profile basis whether you want autoplaying videos or not, in case there’s division in your household (or among the group of friends you share Netflix with) over these trailers.

To get started, you’ll need to pull up your Netflix profile on a desktop or laptop web browser—use this handy link if you want. Click on your profile, and you’ll see these two options:

Image Screenshot: David Murphy

I think you know which one you’ll want to uncheck. Try not to get too excited when doing so, but there’s something to be said for the blissful silence you’ll now enjoy while you browse or watch Netflix.

If you’re on your computer, I suppose you could also use the Chrome extension Classic Netflix to accomplish a similar task (among other changes), but since most people watch Netflix on more than just their desktop or laptop, this oft-requested change is the more elegant solution. 


  • If this means it stops that diabolical “feature” of instantly going to picture-in-picture when the credits roll on AndroidTV I will name my first born child after the person that got that implemented. If not, I will continue my plan to sacrifice my first born to seal a blood curse on the person that developed that abomination.

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