How To Unclog A Toilet When You Don’t Have A Plunger

It truly is the stuff of nightmares: faced with an away-toilet situation in someone else’s home, you do your business, flush … and nothing happens. Or worse, you flush and the toilet water (as well as its contents) slowly starts rising like super-gross flood waters. That alone is anxiety-inducing, but…

How To Maintain Your Shower, According To A Plumber

How To Maintain Your Shower, According To A Plumber

Your shower pipes are not like your computer — they’re not supposed to be out of date and barely working within a few years. Completely replacing the plumbing system isn’t something any homeowner wants to do and if you treat yours right, you shouldn’t have to.

What Causes A Squealing Shower And How To Fix It

Not looking forward to your shower giving an operatic performance every time you bathe? It’s a pretty common problem — showers that make an annoying high-pitched squeal when you run the water — but you can probably fix it yourself.