These Cold, Spicy Noodles Will Soothe Your Sweaty Soul

Summertime is, to me, synonymous with spicy peanut noodles, which I’ve been making every summer since I was allowed to cook pasta by myself. I love them so much that they almost make suffering through vicious, swampy heat and humidity feel worthwhile. Almost.

How To Stock A Fallout Shelter Pantry

So, you want to build a nuclear fallout shelter. You’re not alone: The civilian bomb shelter construction industry has been steadily growing to meet demand for the past decade, with recent events igniting a full-on market boom.

Keep These Item In Your Pantry In Case Of A Snowstorm

If you’ve lived your life in warm, snow-free climates, you may have a sort of romanticized concept of what it means to be “snowed in.” But, as I recently learned firsthand, being snowed in is serious business, and your pantry needs to be prepared.