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  • How To Turn Any Instant Pot Cooking Liquid Into A Gravy

    The Instant Pot is good for a lot of things, but I mostly use mine to cook large pieces of tough meats with lot of connectivity tissue. The device renders them fall-off-the bone tender but, since it’s a sealed cooking environment, this inevitably results in a good amount of flavorful, but quite thin, liquid in…

  • Baking Trays Make Great Sauces Too

    It’s hard to beat baking tray meals for convenience. Roasting proteins and vegetables side by side in the same pan is a fuss-free path to a complete meal. Well, almost complete — where’s the sauce? A baking tray is still a kind of pan, so why do we reserve pan sauces for frying pans?

  • This Blueberry Pan Sauce Is Good On Any Meat

    This Blueberry Pan Sauce Is Good On Any Meat

    Usually, when I think of blueberries, I think of muffins, pie and Blueberry Morning – a cereal I was obsessed with from ages nine through 12. These are all good things, but I urge you to reconsider the blueberry, and smother steaks, chops and wild game with this juicy, surprisingly balanced pan sauce.