note 4

  • Note 4 Roadtrip: Batteries And Big Screens

    The most obvious trend in smartphones in 2014 has been big screens, and the 5.7-inch display on the Note 4 continues the theme. From a productivity standpoint, what are the benefits of that approach when tackling a challenge like the Note 4 Roadtrip?

  • Note 4 Roadtrip: How To Work In Bed

    On a normal working day, I wake up stupidly early,get out of bed and immediately switch on my computer to check what has happened overnight. But this week my Note 4 is my computer, so I can cut out one step — I don’t need to get out of bed.

  • Note 4 Roadtrip: Quiet, Qualms And Qantas

    So here’s an advantage of working on a smartphone I hadn’t thought of: you can use it entirely silently in the quiet carriage of a train and feel no guilt. Whenever I’ve used a keyboard (and I travel on long-distance trains quite a lot), I’m conscious of trying to avoid noisy typing.