Note 4 Roadtrip: 10 Random Things I Learned

Note 4 Roadtrip: 10 Random Things I Learned

On Monday, I’ll do a detailed roundup of what I learned during the Note 4 Roadtrip, and the tips every business traveller can glean from the experience. Meanwhile, here are 10 random things I discovered along the way.

There is lots of airport construction happening in Australia

Gold Coast and Newcastle are both expanding.

Adelaide’s free Wi-Fi is quite good

Here are the speed test results from Rundle Mall:

Not bad for a free service.

My final hotel room TV has Android integration


Airline meals are rarely vegetarian friendly

I’ll have more to say about this in my weekly Veghacker roundup tomorrow.

Newer hotels are good

Given the choice between the Ibis Adelaide and an aging Gold Coast apartment, I’ll take the Ibis.

Wondabyne station is enormous compared to Mindaribba

Mindaribba really is smaller, but Wondabyne can have points for being inaccessible by road.

Daylight saving in SE Queensland bites

I get up early enough as it is without having to make it an hour earlier.

I should not take selfies

But I did anyway.

I’m not at all convinced the G20 Summit will be worth the disruption

Brisbane is a lot less fun with a war zone mentality.

I can do my job using only a smartphone

And so can you, quite possibly. We’ll discuss how on Monday.

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  • Daylight saving in SE Queensland bites

    Uh, actually we *don’t* have daylight savings here. So that should probably read, “Having daylight savings in NSW bites”.

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