Note 4 Roadtrip: How To Work In Bed

Note 4 Roadtrip: How To Work In Bed

On a normal working day, I wake up stupidly early,get out of bed and immediately switch on my computer to check what has happened overnight. But this week my Note 4 is my computer, so I can cut out one step — I don’t need to get out of bed.

I’m a morning person, so rising early doesn’t bother me (check the clock in the picture if you don’t believe me). Nonetheless, it’s nice to start the day at a marginally slower pace.

It helps too when your hotel bed is comfy. Here’s a video (shot on the phone, of course) showing off my digs last night, the Novotel in Brisbane:

The big restriction on this place is that because of the G20 summit, roadblocks and other nuisances are in place.

While Brisbane doesn’t look obviously different at first glance, you soon start noticing lots of road blocks and even more police.

Note 4 Roadtrip: How To Work In Bed

I chatted about this on ABC radio yesterday:

So I’ll be quite glad to escape before the madness really hits. Today I jump on a train and head to the Gold Coast. New tram ahoy!

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  • Ha, that tram… Wonder if we can go a week without someone driving onto the tracks or tram only bridge..

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