Note 4 Roadtrip: Getting Into Gear S

Note 4 Roadtrip: Getting Into Gear S

My main working device during the Note 4 Roadtrip challenge is (obviously) the Note 4, but I also have a Gear S smartwatch strapped to my wrist. Its big achievement for the week? Turning me into the kind of person who worries about my daily step count.

Any fitness band will do that for you, but the constantly updating total that you see every time you glance at your watch does serve as an inescapable reminder. (You can opt not to see step totals, but where’s the fun in that?) Sit still for too long and your Gear prompts you to get up and move around.

While the alerts for other services can be handy on occasion, this is the feature of the Gear S I’ve used most consistently. Like every other smartwatch reviewer since the dawn of 2014, I find it a little irritating that you have to charge it every day. But I don’t wear a watch in bed anyway, so it’s no b huge hassle. (Typically the power is at 20 per cent or lower when that happens.)

Another day, another hotel room in a chain owned by Accor. This one is as basic as it gets:

Today I head to my final destination for the trip, Adelaide, where various technology tests are in the offing. See you there.

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  • The first thing I did pretty much for my new Moto 360 was make a custom face using Facer that showed the stepcount permanently. (I had a Basis Band for 18 months, not been less than 10K step since Sept 2013. #numbersdriven…)

  • If you only use your smartwatch as a pedometer, than a Pebble really would cover off on that, minus the annoying overnight charges

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