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If you’re someone who is already planning a surprise public proposal, you might be in too deep to know that it probably isn’t a great idea. However, if you’re willing to hit pause, maybe go through this checklist before arranging the flash mob dance.


Sometimes we waste money on things we don't need without even realising.

It can be difficult to spot things that are wasting cash because an item's affordability is subjective based on situation and personal preferences. Here are five things that may be a waste of your money.


Several years ago, I had a co-worker -- we'll call her Jane -- who was assigned to work with our SVP's office on a high-profile event. The project (and the staff, for that matter) was pretty rough, and Jane would often come to the rest of us at the end of a stressful day to air her woes of angry emails, unreasonable demands and generally difficult people.


How many times have you rushed through something without stopping to read the instructions first, making everything that much more difficult for you? It turns out this mistake can affect your business just as badly as it does, say, a hasty piece of IKEA furniture, and you could be sabotaging yourself without even realising.

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Emails and text messages go off half-cocked all the time, whether it's a sensitive work message on which you unintentionally copied the whole company in on, or — as in Peter Dutton's recent stuff-up — a ranty text message that went to the target of your ire rather than to a crony.