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If Rambo was a real person, the standing military press would be his favourite weight training exercise. A variation of the overhead press, it derives its name from its use in the military as a strength indicator.

If you want to get in shape, the military press is definitely a move worth mastering, as it targets the shoulder, upper arm and leg muscles simultaneously. Here's how to do it correctly.


You're probably aware that developed nations such as Israel, Russia
and the United States have missile defence systems. But do you know how these systems work? Or how effective they are? They're not the impenetrable shield you think they are.


The Australian government has committed to spending A$50 billion on a fleet of 12 new submarines, contracted to French company DCNS and to be built in South Australia. But how will these submarines meet with Australia's strategic requirements, particularly beyond 2030, when the first of the new submarines will become operational?