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Leadership is what defines great companies. This year, I'm going to take a look a look at some of the most influential companies in tech and look at how their leadership has impacted their growth and what it tells us about their future.

This time around, it's Apple's turn. While the company value under Tim Cook has increased markedly, there are signs his leadership is more about management than vision.


I'm going to pick on a story I saw in the Wall Street Journal, but only because it's typical of a whole genre of advice offered by rich and powerful people, most of them white men. It's a 2016 first-person essay by Brian Scudamore, the creator of 1-800-GOT-JUNK, called "Why This CEO Takes Every Friday Off."

Scudamore explains that he "recharges" on Fridays, and spends Mondays "just thinking." He offers this as career advice.


A bad boss can make a great job into a living hell and make you want to bail out from what would otherwise be a great opportunity. A recent report looked at what makes a bad boss and how you can identify a great boss when you go for your next job.


There's no doubt that Elon Musk's vision for electric cars, space travel, ground transportation and other fields are the product of great imagination. And his ability to not only come up with the ideas but to execute them is the result of a master at sharing his vision and engaging people in it. But it's not all smooth sailing. There's also erratic behaviour, a social media profile that has landed him in trouble and curious management practices.


In her 13 years at Intel, Sandra Lopez has overseen the company’s brand repositioning, built new organisations in the company, and applied her background in fashion — inside Intel’s sports group. She’s been named one of the 50 most powerful women in tech by the National Diversity Council and one of Latina Style’s top 10 Latina executives of the year, and she’s spoken to NBC News on the Silicon Valley boys club.

We talked to her about the surprising ways her background has played into her tech career, and how to responsibly manage a team.


“You’re terminated!” They’re the two words nobody, under any circumstances, ever wants to hear or receive in writing. The flow-on effect from losing a job can be catastrophic – potentially leaving you financially unstable, emotionally insecure and contemplating your worth in the workforce.

Yes, there’s never a good time to receive this news, but imagine being terminated when you’re physically incapacitated and incapable of completing the tasks you love or are trained to perform. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many Australians every year who suffer a workplace injury and require medical aid and time off. Is this legal?


We intuitively know that a “happy worker is a good worker.” But what about their bosses? In the modern workplace, managers are accountable to several groups of people, from rank-and-file employees on one side, to chief executives and shareholders on the other. How well they juggle these conflicting pressures can determine not only their performance at work, but also how happy they are while doing it.


It's Force Friday and that means we get to celebrate all things Star Wars. But as well as some awesome new toys from Sphero and the revelation of new details of the upcoming movie, The Last Jedi, it's a chance to look back and pick up a few tips for successfully managing IT in this galaxy.


Over the last few weeks, I've been speaking with a number of senior IT managers and there seems to be a consensus that the pace of change, both in technology and the business, is starting to become overwhelming. By and large, these were experienced practitioners, often with two or more decades in senior IT roles so you'd think they be well-equipped to deal with whatever comes their way. But many seemed overwhelmed and were struggling to balance the need for 24/7 availability, highly secure systems and the ability to be flexible and pivot rapidly. What does it take to be a great CIO today?


I was once told the best time to buy new tech is tomorrow and the best time to sell the tech you no longer need is yesterday. With most tech hardware products refreshed annually it seems almost impossible to perfectly match your buying patterns to the release cycles of hardware manufacturers. Today's announcement of the new Surface Pro had me thinking - how do you ensure you're getting the best bang for buck when buying new hardware?


Starting salaries for technology professionals are expected to rise by an average of 2.7% in 2017, according to the latest salary survey by recruiters Robert Half. Cyber-security specialists, software developers and business intelligence professionals will get the highest pay rises in terms of starting salaries. Here's how much the top tech professions are expected to make this year.


A few years ago I had the opportunity to hear General Norman Schwarzkopf speak at an event. He was the Commander-in-Chief of the US Central command and led the military in the Gulf War. He offered two pieces of advice to all aspiring leaders. When you’re in charge, lead. And do what’s right. But how does that translate for today’s IT leaders?


Telsyte released an interesting report yesterday. Their research found almost two-thirds of the 263 IT decision makers they surveyed expected their budgets to increase this year. The main reason is the need to invest in big data and analytics tools to support sales and marketing, and to prepare for the data deluge that IoT will bring.