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September is the peak of Australia's own version of "home-grown terrorism" (as memorably described to me by a distraught and bleeding school principal, valiantly attempting to protect his pupils), when a small but conspicuous proportion of magpies throughout the country begin to attack otherwise innocent passersby. It is certainly the most significant human-wildlife conflict in the towns and cities of this country. Here are some tips on how to survive.


Each spring during breeding season, Australia's magpie population declares war on humans -- leading to a flurry of surprise attacks on unsuspecting cyclists and pedestrians. If the idea of getting pecked sets your heart racing, this iPhone app from a Lifehacker reader should help to reduce your stress levels.


It's September, spring is upon us and for anywhere in Australia with a few trees and not too many cars, that means the risk of getting swooped by a magpie. Many of us have tried ice cream cartons with eyes, bicycle helmets and roaring like banshees to no avail. What works for you?