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Predicting the future is near impossible -- but that doesn‘t stop us all from having a red hot go. Human beings have been predicting the future since the beginning of history and the results range from the hilarious to the downright uncanny.

One thing all future predictions have in common: they‘re rooted in our current understanding of how the world works. It‘s difficult to escape that mindset. We have no idea how technology will evolve, so our ideas are connected to the technology of today.


Burying your fruit in uncooked rice is a quick and easy way to shave a few days off the ripening time. Just take something annoyingly slow to ripen, like a mango, and drop it into a bin of rice (the same rice already sitting in the kitchen is fine). Don't worry about ruining the rice, it'll be fine unless you forget the fruit's in the bin.


Android/iPhone: MORF is a new app that suggests unorthodox uses for everyday items, and it aims to do it even better by allowing users to add their own ideas to the mix. A Morf is basically a clever use for an everyday item, or a creative solution to an everyday problem. Some of the already available Morfs include removing bandaids with shampoo, using beer to remove coffee stains, and getting seriously MacGyver with skin care by using kitty litter as a facial scrub. Don't worry, it's not used kitty litter.


Building your own computer can be fun, and it's easier now than ever. Still, there can be some spine-tingling moments when assembling a system, and attaching a CPU fan can be one of them. The last thing you want is your expensive new processor to wind up with bent pins, but if you do, here's how to fix it.


You're almost out the door on a no-shower, rush-rush morning when you spot your reflection—and you totally look like you haven't showered. The quick fix? Take about a teaspoon of baby powder, rub it into your hands or onto a trusted comb, and run it through your hair. This is one of those life hacks I don't love admitting to thoroughly testing, but it's saved my hair from looking like I woke up at a frat house on a number of frantic mornings. Good stuff to have around, too, as it can also quiet squeaky floors and shoes and even control ants. Got any other triage tips for no-shower hair? Post 'em up in the comments. Photo by Abulic Monkey.

How to get rid of oily hair fast!


The video above details how to quickly throw together your own DIY stud finder on the cheap with nothing but a magnet and string. In essence, you're just using the magnet to find nails in the wall, which would indicate there's a stud there. The narrator seems a little confused about the purpose of the stud finder (he appears to suggest you don't want to drive nails into the stud), but the method would still work, and you can even go simpler if you don't feel like using string. Granted, stud finders themselves aren't that expensive, so this is more of a quick solution if you don't feel like heading to the store, but it's perhaps a bit more exacting than knocking on the wall.

Cheapest Stud Finder


Onions can stay fresh for up to six months (!)—if you store 'em well. Over at the Serious Eats boards, a user points out that a Trader Joe's onion label instructs the consumer to store them in pantyhose for maximum freshness. Web site eHow corroborates:

Take a washed pair of used or new pantyhose and place the onions into the feet. Tie a knot in the pantyhose above each whole onion. Repeat this process until both legs are full or you have inserted all the onions. Hang the pantyhose in a cool, dry, and dark place, such as a pantry, closet, or cellar.

When you need an onion? Just cut one off the hose. Apparently keeping the onions dry, able to breathe, separated, and suspended in the air maximizes their shelf life. You can also use mesh bags to the same effect.

How to Store Whole Onions