Turn Frosted Glass Transparent With A Piece Of Clear Tape

Turn Frosted Glass Transparent With A Piece Of Clear Tape

Frosted glass is cool, but it seems to defeat the actual purpose of glass, which is seeing the things behind it. It turns out you can make frosted glass truly transparent with just a bit of tape.

Frosted glass is essentially glass with many tiny imperfections. As a result, sticking some Scotch or other clear tape over it will fill in those imperfections, while keeping the outer surface of the tape flat—thus letting all the light shine through instead of refracting off all those imperfections. Whether you’re just annoyed that you can’t see past the frosted glass by your desk or you have more nefarious intentions (spying?), it’s a quick and handy way to get around frosted glass’ annoying opacity. Check out the video above to see it in action.

Weird Tape Effect [YouTube via Make]


  • “Kat Hannaford” did this story on April 25. This thing of repeating the same story by different writers, seems to happen more often than it probably should. Do you guys actually talk to each other? or no… :}

    • Kat Hannaford writes for Gizmodo. We do sometimes cross-publish stories between Gizmodo and Lifehacker, but that April 25 yarn wasn’t one of them.

      • Sorry, yeah I knew Kat was from Giz, I just thought there would’ve been more collaboration between you given you often refer to each other as siblings… 🙂

        • For the most part, the US writers don’t even work in the same building AFAIK. On a local level, the Lifehacker, Gizmodo and Kotaku team all share an office, so there’s arguably more collaboration here than there is on the parent titles.

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