MORF Is A Crowdsourced Database Of MacGyver Tips On Your Phone

Android/iPhone: MORF is a new app that suggests unorthodox uses for everyday items, and it aims to do it even better by allowing users to add their own ideas to the mix. A Morf is basically a clever use for an everyday item, or a creative solution to an everyday problem. Some of the already available Morfs include removing bandaids with shampoo, using beer to remove coffee stains, and getting seriously MacGyver with skin care by using kitty litter as a facial scrub. Don’t worry, it’s not used kitty litter.

It doesn’t just blindly crowdsource information, though. Users can submit their own Morfs at any time, and other users can vote those Morfs up in popularity, tweet about them, like them on Facebook, or “thank” the authors by donating actual cash through Paypal. The app’s navigation is simple and divided by the type of Morf, and creating a Morf is as simple as making an account and using the built-in formula system. There are also “Morfs of the day,” or MOTD, that users can quickly check just one tap away from the app’s main screen.

The app is selling at an introductory price of $1.19 on the iTunes App Store right now, and $1.21 on the Android Market. Charging a small amount for the app at the outset is also likely to cut down on spam that could otherwise flood the database with useless, or even worse, offensive Morfs. Free is nice, but spam-free can be better.

Morf: Android Market, iTunes App Store

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