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Last week, Apple launched the next generation of MacBook Pro laptops; the first update in over four years. Many fans who had been eagerly anticipating the new range were left bitterly disappointed. It seems Apple forgot what the "Pro" in the product name stands for. A lot of the hardware 'improvements' have drawn criticism from the professional crowd; from programmers and developers to designers and photographers. Which leaves us all wondering, who is Apple trying to sell the MacBook Pro to?


The Apple MacBook Pro line has traditionally been user-customisable, which was one of its major appeals. The new MacBook range that was announced last week is considerably thinner, however the design makes it a lot harder for users to do their own upgrades on the laptops. So what has changed? iFixit did a teardown of the new MacBook Pro 13-inch to find out.


Both Microsoft and Apple have launched new laptops that will ship later this year: the all-new Surface Book and the long-awaited MacBook Pro. Each of these notebooks are a considerable upgrade to their predecessors (though some may dispute this) and are the most powerful laptop devices Microsoft and Apple have to offer. If you're in the market for a new laptop, we've made it easier for you to compare the new Microsoft Surface Book with the Apple MacBook Pro 2016 model.

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Anyone who's ever owned a Mac probably remembers the first time they booted it up and heard that sound. It announced that you were about to begin a relationship with your computer that would probably last for many years. With the new MacBook Pro, Apple is replacing the iconic chime with cold, unforgiving silence.


It has been four years since Apple updated its MacBook Pro notebook range and existing users have been dying for a refresh. Their prayers have now been answered. Today, Apple announced the new and improved MacBook Pro line that is thinner, lighter and more powerful than the previous generation. Here are the details on the MacBook Pro 2016, the spec sheet and the pricing.