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Connect Your Files Across Applications With Hook

Mac: I’ve developed a lot of systems I use to keep files and projects connected on my Mac: Wiki-link services that connect notes to to-do items, Curio projects that connect emails to projects, and extensive tagging systems to keep all kinds of files together. Each one is, in one way…

Is Your Old Mac Compatible With MacOS Mojave?

New macOS versions usually mean better performance on Apple’s latest hardware, but they’re rarely optimised for anything older (even last year’s models). So what’s the consensus on macOS Mojave, Apple’s latest operating system, when it comes to older machines?

Use These Mac Shortcuts Instead Of The Esc Key

Use These Mac Shortcuts Instead Of The Esc Key

Mac: Here’s a silly shortcut that will come in handy some day. In some apps, ⌘-. does the same thing as the escape key. So if that key is broken, or your stupid Touch Bar is hiding your stupid virtual escape key, or your hands can’t reach the corner of…