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Online employment marketplace Seek has revealed the highest and lowest paid jobs advertised on its website in the past 12 months. Those at the top are currently being offered annual salaries of over $137,000 while workers at the bottom can expect to take home around $44,000. But which jobs have the best and worst pay? Let's take a look.


Silicon Valley is full of college dropouts who became obscenely wealthy CEOs. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Mark Zuckerberg - the list goes on and on. Of course, most of these guys had genius and/or family wealth on their side. For average Joes, scoring a high-paying salary with no qualifications is tougher - but not impossible. Here are five jobs with potential salaries in the six figures that don't require a degree.


Each year, the ATO lets us look inside the collective pay-packets of the nation. Their annual look at what jobs make the most money (well, it takes a couple of years for the data to filter through so the most recent data is for the 2014-5 financial year) and who's making it is a lot of fun for the statisticians among us. There's oodles of data to pour over. But are salaries the best tool for assessing a job or career?


The amount of money you make in marketing depends on a range of factors, including the agency you work for, the current strength of the economy and your overall level of experience. However, it turns out the city you live in can also play a significant role. The following infographic breaks down the average salaries in each Australian state and territory.