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  • How Do Astronauts Shit in Space?

    How Do Astronauts Shit in Space?

    There’s a ton of space-related news dominating the headlines right now. Billionaires are engaged in a space race, celebrities are riding along in rockets, and 1,500 pages of UFO-related reports were just declassified by the government. The age of space tourism may soon be upon us, but the age of space curiosity is already quite…

  • Admit When You’re Not Self-Made

    Admit When You’re Not Self-Made

    A whole industry of books, TV shows and media outlets continues to reinforce reverence for entrepreneurs and rockstar CEOs, creating the myth of the self-made American success. But these hero’s journey stories often elide the fact that many of these corporate leaders didn’t get to where they are without help. A select few CEOs are…

  • Report: Amazon Is Heading To Sydney

    Amazon Australia’s launch may have been exaggerated, but Jeff Bezos’ empire is getting closer to opening every day. Now, a new report shows that Amazon has purchased a large chunk of land in Sydney’s south-west with plans to turn the site into a “network operations and data centre”.