Report: Amazon Australia Is Launching Today! [Updated]

Report: Amazon Australia Is Launching Today! [Updated]
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After weeks of speculation, a false start, another false start, hushed whispers across the entire retail industry and endless “insider tips” – we finally have another rumoured launch date for Amazon Australia: and that date is December 5!

UPDATE: Amazon Australia is now live! Click here!

According to The Herald Sun, an industry insider has revealed to them that Bezos’ Baby 800-Pound Gorilla will launch operations in Australia on December 5, 2017. Channel 7 Brisbane also tweeted about the potential launch, after reporting on it during the nightly news.

Yes, I know – yet another rumoured Amazon Australia launch date. How many of these have we had? How many false starts have we had? Are we up to number three?

Regardless, it appears that Amazon Australia are ready to go and are mere hours away from beginning their attack on the Australian online retail market.

Browsing the homepage and the recommendations section in ‘Your’ is bringing up prices on video games and consoles. The homepage seems to be darting from empty space to list of books and back again.

When inspecting the elements on the webpage, there’s also an artful illustration of a duck saying ‘Meow’.

There is a small duck saying Meow in the webpage HTML. I am pretty sure we’re all just getting played now.

Soon enough, we’ll find out if it all comes true and maybe even find the best Life Hack of all: try not to listen to rumours and speculation.

[Via Herald Sun]

Rejoice: Amazon Australia Is Now Live!

The wait is over. After a bunch of false starts and rumoured technical hiccups, the Amazon Australia website is finally open for business. You can buy computers, gadgets, toys, video games and other goodies from Amazon Australia right now.

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  • Obviously I’ll take this with a little grain of salt, but I’ll check regardless.

    To be honest, it’s a bit late for any big purchases for us as we bought all our big ticket Christmas stuff from the US over thanks giving – even the stuff that attracted GST was significantly cheaper than buying it here.

    At this point I’m more interested in seeing if amazon can live up to their own talk about prices than I am interested to buy anything. We all know we pay too much here, but companies insist the 15-20% extra they charge us is “the cost of doing business here”. That could be about to be put to the test.

  • Oh it’s live now

    Most prices seem about normal – video games are much cheaper than JB and EB though

    Overall nothing much impressive. Looks like it will still be cheaper to buy over seas and pay shipping and tax

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