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Cisco has an investment arm that offers funding to startups and other companies. They don't take a controlling interest, rarely investing more than 10% of the start-up's value, typically between $US3 million and $US5 million. They have an active portfolio of around $US2 billion. How can you get a piece of that pie?


There's no doubt that selling any property is a complex and time consuming process, but it becomes even more challenging when you're selling an investment property with tenants living in it. While investment properties provide large long-term returns and a regular income, they tend to be trickier to sell than a property you're actually living in. Consider the three factors below before putting your investment property on the market, to combat some of the uncertainty and stress involved in the process.


Warren Buffett is a hugely successful investor, and his tips for investing are surprisingly accessible. Most of his methods are simple, straightforward and timeless. Here's some of Buffett's best money advice.


Is it possible to calculate just how much money you'll make from business technology investments? Management always wants the answer to be 'yes', while simultaneously wanting you to spend as little as possible. New research from IBM suggests those investments can pay off, but the advantage remains with early movers.


The Australian addiction to property investment is at least partly fuelled by the belief that while growth rates may vary, the value of a house will never go down. However, as economist Nigel Stapledon points out, while this may have been true since the mid-1960s, there have been points in history where the value of houses in Australia have declined, and current economic woes have seen property prices plummet overseas:Of course that does not necessarily mean Australian house prices will fall now, but there is no law of nature that says they cannot fall.None of that's an argument against owning (as opposed) to renting your own house, but it's something to bear in mind if you're thinking about a longer-term investment strategy.Debunking housing myths