How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise When It’s Cold Outside

What’s worse than getting yourself to the gym to exercise after a long workday? Getting yourself to the gym in the midst of a cold snap. As temperatures drop, getting to the gym feels like the Everest of physical tasks. Why subject yourself to fluorescent lighting and mysterious smells when…

Make Location Your Top Priority When Picking A Gym

Some gyms are better than others. They might have nicer facilities, a better price on membership or more bonus amenities to sweeten the deal. But none of that matters if it’s so far out of your way that you’ll never go.

Why Finding The Right Gym Culture Makes You Stick To Your Workouts

Your gym culture can often make or break your fitness experience, so it’s important that you go to one that suits you. There’s a reason CrossFit appeals to so many fitness first-timers and veterans alike: It’s more of a community than it is a place where you splash around in…