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Good news for graphics enthusiasts: Australian PC builders can now buy NVIDIA’s graphics cards directly from the company, rather than only through its OEM partner. The #1 graphics chipmaker is setting up an online store for customers and it launches today.

Predicting the future is near impossible -- but that doesn‘t stop us all from having a red hot go. Human beings have been predicting the future since the beginning of history and the results range from the hilarious to the downright uncanny.

One thing all future predictions have in common: they‘re rooted in our current understanding of how the world works. It‘s difficult to escape that mindset. We have no idea how technology will evolve, so our ideas are connected to the technology of today.


Hot on the heels of AMD's Vega reveal at the GDC 2017, NVIDIA is taking to the stage to unveil its flagship consumer GPU for gaming, the GTX 1080 Ti. Want a front-seat view of what this new graphics card is capable of? You can watch the live stream right here!


Capsaicin & Cream is an AMD media event held at the Game Developer Conference (GDC). This year, the company will finally lift the lid on its hotly anticipated Vega GPU range. You can watch a live stream of the event right here.


Looking to upgrade your computer with a graphics card that can handle VR, or you're looking to build a PC on the cheap for gaming at 1080p with a bit of dabbling at 1440p resolutions? That's the crowd AMD is trying to hit with their new Radeon RX 480, and it manages to do so admirably.

But just like games, you'll want to make sure you get the best possible deal. So to help you out, here's a list of some of the cheapest RX 480s in the country.


A substantial PC upgrade, or even a better workspace, doesn't have to be a huge project that drains your time and energy. If you can order the parts, there are several worthwhile improvements you can make that will pay off big when it's time to work (or play). Here are some of them.


One of these images is a live HD video stream of a power drill in stasis. The other is a photo-realistic 3D model built in Nvidia Iray, a 3D renderer for design professionals. Can you tell which is which?


Nvidia's GTC is a GPU conference that takes place in the heart of Silicon Valley. This year's keynote unveiled plenty of exciting new technology, particularly in the areas of virtual reality, deep learning and self-driving cars. Here are all the major announcements that professional developers and tech-loving consumers need to know about.


The hardest part of building a PC is picking the parts, especially when everyone around you seems to have an opinion. And no flame war is more prevalent than the NVIDIA snobs vs the AMD fanboys. What's really going on with these two companies, and which card should you get?