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Buying a new computer, upgrading or troubleshooting on older system can leave you trapped in a mess of acronyms, jargon and numbers that may look like English but can leave you baffled. We looked at some of the key specs on modern PCs and used our nerd-to-human translator to help you make sense of them.


Elastic GPUs are GPU resources that can be attached to an Amazon EC2 instance to accelerate the graphics performance of applications. Elastic GPUs come in several different memory capacities and offer the flexibility to choose the right compute, memory, and storage balance for your application. They're best suited for applications that require a small or intermittent amount of additional GPU power.

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It's always easier to replace a video card than it is a CPU and motherboard, so it's not surprising to find people with a GTX 1060 or RX 480 surrounded by comparatively ancient components. These setups are sacrificing some performance by bottle-necking their GPU, sure, but exactly how much is going to waste?


Better graphics requires a better graphics card. This much is intuitive to most people. But asking what makes a GPU different from a standard CPU is almost a trick question, because at their most fundamental level they're the same damn thing.