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Google has announced that it is "winding down" Labs, its system of introducing new features as experimental prototypes. While I don't imagine that means the end of innovation from Google, it does mark an unfortunate change in the way we get to experience those innovations.


Google Maps on your phone is a great way to navigate in unfamiliar areas, but what happens if there's no signal? A new Google Maps Lab feature lets you download maps within 10 miles (how very imperial) of any location listed on a place page, ensuring you have basic details even when your phone can't connect.


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Thanks to some handy tricks in the Google Labs bag you can easily add an HTML signature complete with images and save it for future use without plugins or outside help.


Besides a killer algorithm and brand-name recognition, Google's greatest strength is its speed at releasing new products. We get to play with new, cool and ever-improving tools for free. Recently, though, we've seen that being unwitting lab subjects can kind of stink.